How is your Christmas preparation going?

Is it all calm waves and clear skies on the horizon?
Or do you feel tossed about in stormy seas?

If the Peace of the Season is not upon you, how about a little distraction from all that hustle and bustle?
Maybe I can usher in some merry and bright for you, by returning to a certain beach.

Although, the last we left Mike and Edan; the skies above proved more threatening, than Peaceful.

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Once again, I am so thrilled that I will collaborating with the wonderful blogger, friend and amazing photographer Claudia over at imagesbyCW.

Callie had seen the two “men” head out into the ocean waves earlier that morning, as she sat on the beach with a steaming mug of local coffee warming her hands.   It was a beautiful day, and she wished them happy fishing before turning to the heavy weight of the book resting in her lap. 
For a short awhile she could hear the boys’ incessant chatter, and Mike’s ever patient replies, drifting back over the still expanse.   Interrupting her ability to concentrate fully on the words before her.  She smiled softly to herself, half wishing to be sailing away with them on whatever adventure lay ahead.    Before turning to the musings of Hesse, she wondered if she would have the pleasure of their company once again.   Should she invite them to sunset beach yoga if they returned in time?   The boy did seem to enjoy it very much.  And Mike…
She paused. 
Her head shook slowly back and forth.  Nope.  Let it be.  Let life unfold as it is meant to: don’t push.  Don’t direct.   Just be here now.  And when it does come; it will be enough.
She smiled, with a last glance towards the now barely visible vessel, and sipping the bitter brew; returned to her reading.

The sounds of the palms swaying overhead, and the darkened shadows that blurred the in praise of trees by Hesse, caused Callie to glance up from the book, and search the horizon.   The light of day was beginning to fade as sunset approached, but she also noted the dark clouds in the distance.   A storm was coming.  If she wanted to get her yoga in, she had better get moving now.  Standing up and brushing the sand from her sundress, Callie gathered her beach items into her bag, and with measured almost lyrical steps, made her way back to her hut to change her clothes.  A glance over her shoulder as she left the sandy beach for the cool paved sidewalk, revealed no incoming boats on the horizon.   A slight frown marred her beautiful profile as she turned back, and quickened her paced towards the resort.

When Callie returned to the beach area suitably attired for some sunset yoga, the normally calm and peaceful resort had suddenly become a buzz of activity, as employees rushed about securing various things.  Beach umbrellas were closed tightly.  Chairs were removed from their lounging spots by the various pools and stacked neatly against the Dive Shop wall.  The Swing Bar located near the point had 3 sides carefully enclosed in tarp, while through the remaining open side the Bartender could be seen stacking bottles neatly in a cupboard below.   Slowly the open restaurant seats emptied as vacationers slowly found their way back to their room; eyes cast nervously upwards as the wind steadily increased it’s pace.
Callie approached an employee calmly collecting assorted items such as discarded sand pails and volleyballs from the beach area, her face a mask of concern.
Do you expect the storm to be very bad?” she nervously searched his face as he glanced her way.
Oh no, miss. Tis just da normal precautions we take.  We don’t want anything blowing around the resort causing damage if the wind is too strong.”   His face turned to look out over the ocean and the dark clouds furiously sweeping towards them.   Just a typical evening ocean storm seems to me, I wouldn’t worry too much right now.  We will keep an eye on it though, and the alarms will sound if any danger exists. 
Thank you kindly sir, may I help in any way?”
Oh no, tis my job to do.  Best you enjoy the last bit of sun that we will have for a few hours miss,” he smiled at her, immediately giving her a sense of calm.   
She returned his smile and with a slight wave, headed over to what was becoming her favourite spot to perform her practice.   Once more her eyes searched the horizon.   A few kayaks were rowing fast towards shore, but not a single boat was seen.  Noting the waves still lapping gently upon the shore, Callie spread out her yoga mat and sat cross legged upon the still warm sand.  Hands to heart centre, she breathed deep the great sea air, and said a silent prayer.
Some time had passed when standing in Warrior 1, she finally spotted a small fishing boat steadily approaching shore.  The waves were crashing on the rocks at the point now.   She held the pose, and her breath as her gaze settled on counting the boats occupants.  One, two… and a smaller three.  Her breathe released in a gentle sigh with her forward fold, and transitioned into her Chaturanga Dandasana.   Once, twice, three times, until she found it difficult to hold the pose, as the wind steadily increased.   By the time she reached back into a final Downward Dog, it’s full fury was leashed upon her, followed by the first drops of rain. It’s coolness tapped an irregular beat upon her back, and a few drops ran down her face to the tip of her nose.   She leaned back into Child’s Pose, stretching her fingers out before her – and spied two sets of feet at the end of her yoga mat.
Are you sure this is Yoga you are doing this evening, and not some ancient rain dance?”
She held the pose as she twisted slightly to her left, but she couldn’t hold the expulsion of laughter. 
I am beginning to wonder myself!”  She smiled in her stretched out and twisted position.   
No sooner had she spoken the words, than a great crash of thunder boomed, and a flash of lightning split the sky.  The rain drops now fell upon them in a furious staccato.   Edan nearly jumped out of his water shoes, while Callie was sure she pulled something in her lower back when she straightened too quick. 

Mike immediately drew them both into his circle, and turned them both towards the nearest shelter, the lobby of the resort.  
We’d better get out of this fast.  It looks like it could get real nasty.”
The wind screeched its fury and made response impossible.  The driving rain now pelting their faces like icicles as they each grasped a strong hand and blindly followed his lead.   Gone was the warmth of the sun, and the gently lapping waves; the resort now transformed into the very picture of Nature’s wrath.
A forgotten deck chair cartwheeled across the cement surrounding the pool and crashed into the Dive Shop doors.   Edan’s terrified scream heard over the sound and fury.  Mike pulled them both closer; trying to shield them both with his body as he set his sights on the lobby doors.
With a sigh of relief they burst through those doors, the storm protesting their escape, and turned to look at one another to access any damage.
Mike offered a tentative smile, “Well, aside from being soaked, looks like we’ve fared okay.
Edan trembled beside him, his lips turning a shade of blue not unlike the recent colour of the sky.
As they stood there numb and and silent, an Employee approached them, holding several beach towels in his arms; a welcoming smile on his face.  His hand gestured towards the fire that was already burning in the lounge area.  They could also see that hot drinks were waiting on a sideboard nearby.
Ahh, see!  They were prepared for us.   They probably get storms like this all the time.  They know what to do.  Mike gave them a hopeful grin, and ruffled Edan’s hair pulling him close.  It will kinda be like camping out for a few hours buddy.
Edan still shivered, but nodded his head and looked somewhat more encouraged as to their safety.
Mike shifted his gaze to Callie, who stood dripping wet in her Yoga gear.  Her hair starting to form damp curls that caressed her lovely face.  He was sure there were raindrops still on her lashes.  His breath caught as she offered him a thankful smile.
Sounds like an exciting adventure to me!   Maybe they will even have some marshmallows for us – wouldn’t that be wonderful?  She also pulled close to Edan and gave him a wink.   He beamed in response.
Yeah. Wonderful.
Both Callie and Mike chuckled at his dreamy look.  Once again, they looped arms with the boy and headed over to where fire and warmth awaited.
Yes, I am sure that everything will be just fine.  Mike said as he handed each of them a towel.
A mighty crash, a brilliant flash…. And then all was dark.

Photo source:  WallPaperUp

I  hope that you are able to find shelter from any storms that may be brewing during this holiday season.   Finding comfort and joy in the love and warmth of loved ones that you surround you.

As for Callie and Mike... is there anything more romantic than getting to know one another by candlelight,  nestled close to a warm fire, while the world outside unleashes its fury?

Well, that is... if they can manage to get a word in past one nervously, excited little boy.

I may take a brief break for the holidays dear Readers, so until my return: Have a Merry Christmas everyone!