This Holiday Season, how about doing a little bit of Giving Back.... each time you give?

Live Fashionable.
Local + Global

Beautiful Products by Women Who Have Overcome

- scarves, jewelry, leather

Their commitment is to INVEST in woman.  I love the wide variety of scarves.

Love Shoes?  Eyeglasses?
Want to make sure kids have those necessities too?

Then Toms is the gift that gives wear it's needed.   One for One.
With every purchase you make, Toms will help someone in need.

Through your purchases, TOMS helps provide shoes, sight, water, safe birth and
bullying prevention services to people in need. Learn more about what we give.

As of the date of this post,  together with Toms, over 45 million pairs of shoes have been distributed!!

And oh the shoes!!!

Don't think just ONE person can make a difference?
Well no, it's not just one - it's all of us working and giving that makes the impact.

And sometimes, it's not just about charity:  it's about Justice.

Do the (RED) thing.

Product Red, styled as (PRODUCT)RED, is a licensed brand that seeks to engage the private sector in raising awareness and funds to help eliminate HIV/AIDS in Africa. (wiki)
 Also, if you happen to love the band U2, well this is another reason to love Bono; he's the co founder of the sister charitable foundation ONE. 

And he often has his famous friends get in the fight too.

There are many products affiliated with the Red Campaign, and even several Apps.   It's a great way to give back while doing your Holiday Giving.

Naturally we all are not in living in luxury like a celebrity, and thus our own resources are often limited.   But even if you purchase one gift this holiday that has a greater purpose; you're doing a Big thing!!   Imagine all of us choosing just one.

Of course there are many local needs in our very own countries too.   We can all be helpers closer to home.   This year on our Advent Calendar, I have outlined the kids 12 Days of Christmas as follows:

Day One:  Get our Christmas tree at the local tree farm!   Drink Cocoa.  Pet bunnies!
Day 2:  there was a chocolate Santa filled with Smarties for each child
Day 3:  One 4 You; One for a Friend:  the kids each got a small gift, and also a hand made tree ornament to give to a friend
Day 4:   Treat yourself!   I taped a package of bubble gum under their chairs
Day 5:   Share kisses: Look under the Mistletoe!  I had a bag full of Hershey's kisses that they were to share with people.  And they got some too of course
Day 6:  Treat someone!   We taped coins to the vending machines at our Community Center
Day 7:  See the Lights.   Tour around town to look at Christmas lights
Day 8:  Candy Cane Giveaway.  We tape little jokes to mini candy canes and go hand them out
Day 9:  Skating!   A fun family activity.
Day 10:   Charity Day.  They all receive $20 that they have to donate somewhere
Day 11:   Grandma's Special Day.   (I'll have to let you know what my mom does!)
Day 12:   Thank Police/Fireman with cookies!

That brings us to December 23rd, and then on Christmas Eve they always have one special gift I do to be opened.    It's usually PJ's.   Kids, if you're reading this: it's probably not PJs this year.  Maybe. 

It's easy to spread a little cheer and do a little good: far and wide.
You just open your hand, and let Love fall out.