We have an amazing little conservation area in my hometown called The Gillies Grove. 

It's one of our favourite places to walk with the kids, because the longest it would be start to finish is just over 2 km.   Since ZooZoo is only 6 years old and Angel Girl stops to examine every single piece of Nature not attached to something, and even the things still attached; it's doable.

You can walk your dog here too, or even ride your bike on the trial.   It's especially lovely if we make it all the way over to the trial that goes alongside the river and the marina.

Today we stuck mostly in the centre of the Grove, which is the old forest.    As we basically dashed out of the house just after 4 pm, and this is the time of year of Darkness Falling before supper; I did not grab my Canon camera.

Thankfully those pesky phones everyone complains about us carrying about have a camera attached.
Because some moments need to be captured.
And the setting sun in a forest is definitely one of those moments.

*Again, the photos are not about technical perfection, but just about capturing the moments.*

 When you want to get a picture of your daughter's joyful faces, but a flock of geese flies overhead.

“The divine nature is perfection; 
and to be nearest to the divine nature 
is to be nearest to perfection.”