Is it ever too early for coffee?
I think not.

Early Morning Coffee

Well, I am a whole day early for my weekly chat!

Given the nature of this weeks' chat topic, I thought it would help you, my dear readers, to have the This or That questions early.

Because I am nice like that.

Also, I am painting my living room Monday and then I have my Girl Guide meeting, and honestly with all I have been going through lately, I was afraid I would forget.

Also, be very careful with those Tylenol that also contain caffeine because you know if you take several of those suckers a day, for several days AND still drink your normal amount of coffee, you will have consumed about 2 gazillion units of caffeine.  

 Finally, I am also wired because TURN AWAY RIGHT NOW WALKING DEAD SPOILER!!!

Okay, so it's a cheap trick, but I don't care because He's Alive!!
Maybe I am just happy because I have not coughed once all day and I just really kinda feel like I am back from the dead too.

Time out for Mom

November 24th, 2015   This or That?

Since I was one of the walking dead for so long, an easy chat prompt this week.

You can answer all my questions, make up your own questions,  and leave one for your readers to answer in the comments, or do both.   Whatever.   There's no rules this week, but it is a great way to get know more about each other.

Here we go!

Heels or sneakers  --- tough one, because BOOTS!

Look at them!!!!  *heavy fangirl breathing*

Coke or Pepsi   - definitely Coca Cola

Instagram or Flickr  -  Instagram, check it out! 

Tomboy or Girlie Girl  -  I want to say Girlie but y'all know me to well

Nap or Read  - Read!!  I just finished The Girl on the Train -- loved it.

Karaoke or Bowling  -   What is two activities you will probably have to feed me beers to get me to do.

Pizza or Sushi - I do like some California rolls, but not all the time, Pizza is a food group

rain or shine  - Sunny days!

single or taken

 dress or jeans  - definitely jeans

winter or summer  -- definitely summer - with the minor exception of that first snowfall

Exercise or Couch  - exercise!!  no wait - Jessica Jones is on Netflix!!  Ugh, exercise.

Library or Cafe  -   my library serves coffee; it's a no brainer

Jocks or Nerds  -  I do love me a nerdy guy.   If he can also skate or catch a ball, bonus

Piano or Guitar   - I played both younger, but it's piano I miss the most

And the big one:  Marvel or DC

Pretty sure you all saw that last one coming.

Have a good week everyone!
And a Happy Thanksgiving to my American followers.

Next Week:  Giving Tuesday!!  Do you participate?