Good Morning and welcome to the weekly Coffee Chat!

How was your weekend?
Is your Monday a funday or a "hurry up and get here Friday" start to the week?

I hope that the answer to both those questions is positive.
I hope that joy is filling your days, and that traffic is moving smoothly and safely for those you of you doing that daily commute.

It makes me think about the road of life, and how we travel upon it.
Because yes, Monday's do in fact often suck.   There's no avoiding it.

But the way we handle Mondays, our response to the tough days, determines the condition of the road for many.
Because almost no one travels the road alone.

Everyone leaves a imprint.   A ripple in their wake.  
Whether they are aware of it, or not.
Whether they planned to, or not.

Everything thing we say or do, the choices we make, has an impact on those around us.  Thus, every day - no matter a Monday or a Friday, is a chance to leave a lasting legacy.
Each day, we have the opportunity to enrich the lives of those around us.

Time out for Mom

 November 17th, 2015 
 What do you hope to be remembered for?

My Mindfulness journey of late -- that desire to be more Present in life - has shown me that if I want to leave a great legacy, there needs to be an intentional effort made: every single day.

Easier said than done!
So much of what we do in this modern world is often by rote.   On Auto Pilot I feel most days.  Get up, make lunches, feed kids, dress kids, send kids to school, feed self, clean house, blog, read, write, exercise, kids return, supper, homework, bath, bedtime, TV/read, bath, bed.

I mean really; what kind of ripple I am leaving with that mundane life?

Unless you look at all of that daily grind of life, from a "purposeful" attitude.

Well, you woke up!!  Yay, congratulations!  Another day to get it all right and enjoy life!
My children go to school with full bellies, clean clothes, and receive an excellent education in one of the safest countries in the world.
Then they return to a clean home and healthy dinner. 
They get to watch some TV.  Play video games.  Or play outside.
There are fart jokes at every meal!

Mostly, because they have a mother who has finally learned how to take care of herself without feeling guilty, they also return home to a pretty content and stress free mama who actually missed them. 

We begin and end each day together, and you know what?
I think that is pretty damn awesome. 
There are many who do not get to have that gift.   To sit at a meal together and have conversation, laughter and full bellies.   To have clean available water to soak the day away.  To be tucked inside clean and comfy covers, and lullabies and prayers send you off to dreamland.

Many, even recently, ended their days with gunfire and explosions.
And some children did not get tucked in that night.  They rode their tears to a dreamland, that was hopefully much better than the nightmare they just survived.

My mundane life is starting to look pretty awesome.
Gratitude should be my daily bread. 

If Fate should visit and I should go: what would I want that ripple my life made to carry forth?

I hope it carries Joy.  And Grace. Also Compassion.
I hope those three things are a tidal wave that I leave in my wake.

I hope I am remembered as the girl who smiled.  A lot.
I hope I was not someone who was hard to love.   Spending time with me should have been an easy thing.

I wish for my children to know that I was an imperfect mother; who loved them perfectly.
Most ardently.   I believe that Love covers over much.  

I hope I have inspired a few; with words.  Or pictures.  Or even because I choose to live simply.  That I found the beauty in the mundane.

I don't care if I am remembered for any accomplishments.  But I do hope people know I had a passion to be creative.  That even if all my dreams didn't come true; I still believed in the power of having them.

I hope people remember the good things I did more; and my sins less.  But more importantly that Faith was my super power, and Forgiveness the greatest gift ever given to me (besides those 3 precious minions).   And yes, Jesus really does love you.
I hope people forget all the times I didn't know the answer; but remember that I stayed curious.

I hope at least one person hears a special song; and thinks fondly of me. Please do a funky dance.

I hope I am remembered as someone who was more interested in Changing Hearts - than changing minds.

Mostly:  I just want to live the kind of life 
where I DESERVE to be remembered at all. 

Next Week:  This or That? (a series of questions such as Coke or Pepsi?)