Good Morning and welcome to Coffee Chat!

I need an extra dose of java this morning.   The regular grind just will not suffice.
A little something extra special, in a special mug, and perhaps in a special place.

I am finally starting to feel better after a wee cold.
And I mean it - - it was very wee.  I didn't even use any cold meds, but just kept on going.  Every.Single.Day.
Perhaps I thought if I just kept moving, I'd eventually outrun the virus. That's probably why I am so tired. 
But you know, I don't want to jump on that "life is so busy" train, like I've earned some kind of badge of honour, or worthiness.    We're all busy, right?

In this case, it's just Life.  That's all.    No hurry, and no worry; but there still just seems to be a lot to do.    Or maybe I'm just never gonna be a Morning Person.

Who are you people?   The ones that wake up with the birds and sing along?    And most importantly: what's in your mug?
Because I think I need me some of whatever That is,  to prevent this:

And I honestly am not sure if I am Rabbit.... or Pooh here, and that truly concerns me.

Maybe it's just that Candy Hangover that comes each year after too many two bite Coffee Crisp bars, and not enough blocks walked.   

Although, I did walk the streets in my heels.
Um.... wait.   That doesn't sound right at all.........
Nope.  Can't save that one.   Moving on.

But where?

Time out for Mom

November 3rd, 2015 
If you could teleport, where would you go?

I don't want to leave my life on a permanent basis; just a little escape.   Because ideally I'd like to have the Kind of Life I Love to Live -- and not one in which I have to dream of a better place to be.

You know, learn to live in reality before you try to run away from it.
The Girl Who Lived.    That should be me. 

Yet, I cannot deny: a rest would be swell right now.    It's been a lot of To Do lists and Agendas to live by lately.    All work and no play....
It's all working together to create some really good things, so I won't complain, but still  *weary sigh*

I'm due for some good ole FUN!
Do you know yet where I would like to teleport this tired body? 
I think I've dropped enough clues.

Now don't get excited: we are NOT actually going to Disney World.   You would have heard the hollers of excitement all the way from Canada.   

But, if a dream is simply a wish your heart makes?    This is mine.
Our family has never been on a vacation like this, and I would love to experience it with my children while they are still young.    While they still love Princess and sword fights and super heroes, and maybe even believe in the power of Pixie Dust.

That's my Happy Thought.
I'm gonna hold on to it for now - and maybe one day: we'll Fly.

Until then, no matter how busy life gets, or what tries to slow me down or pull me under or hold me back, or science finds a way to just Beam Us Up; I'll just keep following the advice given to us from the Happiest Place on Earth:

It really is just like having wings.

Click your heels three times.... and where do you go?

Next week:  Do you volunteer?   How do you think the world might be different, if more people served one another?