Oh, I have a couple of steamy ones for you today folks!
And I don't mean coffee. 

Cozy up to the fire, get a bottomless wine glass an endless pot of tea and settle in.
These two selections are sure to keep you all aglow this winter!

Before we go any further, if certain words for the male anatomy other than "the mighty sword" or "love root" or simply "penis," is particularly upsetting to you, these books are not for you. 
I am thinking of one especially, and I don't mean a rooster.
Okay, we're clear that this is not a Pride and Prejudice kinda romance?
Readers 18 + only please.

Crazy Good.

Now, this is no 50 Shades of explicit and taboo smut either.
No judgement: just letting you know what to expect.  More to the point, and I cannot stress this enough, Rachel Robinson can write!
Like, whoa and wow.  And I need a cool tall glass of something something.

For me, it was just the right amount of *heavy female sigh* love.... and then OMG *blush for eternity* and hope no one is watching me read.    Can't put it down and hurry hurry get to the good stuff again.

You know what I mean ladies?

My cheeks were flushed, but I would not be embarrassed to be caught reading this book.   Which is good because I truly loved this story about Maverick and Windsor.   The characters felt so real!!   It was easy to imagine sitting down to drink wine with them and laugh at their joys, and smack them upside their heads for their stupidity when it was presented.   But out of this intense love because they were just so great.  

A great love story that has it all: passion, heart break (yep, you'll ugly cry), lusty parts ...and finally a real love that Rachel wrote so well, I think time stood still so I could just bask in it for a little longer. Well done!!!
I can't wait to start the next one.

 So.... I did!!  Straight away.

Set in Stone

The story of Navy Seals continues with two friends of Maverick and Windsor that we first meet in Crazy Good.     What happens when one character has nothing to lose; and the other has already lost everything?    Are second chances really just a risk of repeating another mistake?    No man wants to compete with the ghost of another man; let alone one of his brothers at arms.   How long can one man love one woman; before he gives up his dream and walks away?   And what kind of woman is strong enough to get over her past, and chase that man down?

I was so excited to read this story after being introduced to Morgana in the first book.  She's such a strong female character.   And Steve?   Oh my, he's hot, hard and hilarious.  There's no other way to describe this man.   Well, loyalty also comes to mind.   That's important trait.

 Set in Stone is another amazing tale of love and lust ..... and forever, by Rachel Robinson.   The first book was good, so many feels; I wondered if the author could repeat.
 Not disappointed. This book has it all: great developed characters, a fantastic story that will keep you up late turning the pages, strong women, strong and hot men, sweet romance and just the right amount of lusty scenes too.  I loved Morgana and Steve's story and how it swept us along from childhood friends, to an extended family loyal even into death;  to an incredible love that just wouldn't quit.  
The chemistry between the two is smoking hot, but their story is also beautifully written.    It's not quite the emotional roller coaster of All the Feels that Crazy Good contained -- I felt those characters had more heart and depth.  However, this is two entirely different characters we are learning about, and their path is definitely one with a funnier and sharper edge.  The back and forth may prove weary to some, but just hold on until the Epilogue and I think the reasons will become clear. 
 Rachel promised us more tales of hot Navy Seal men; and I cannot wait for the next one!

If you are looking for some good lusty tales with equal parts heart to curl up with this winter, I highly recommend both books.   The overall themes of new loves, lost loves, missed opportunities, and second chances elevates the stories to something more than just "turn to page #### for the steamy part!"   
But if you like steamy too.... well, there's your cake too.

And they might just help to remind you that we all should swallow life whole and dive in, whenever we get the chance.

We might just end up with something crazy good.

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* Rachel has also written several Youth Paranormal Romance books that you may like to check out also.*