The words of an old hymn that I remember being sung to me, came to mind while reading news articles about the horrific tragedy unfolding in Paris, France.

No Anxiety

Tear drops on my window pane
for souls lost through violent gain
all the world a-washed in tears
innocents held hostage by their fears

All across this troubled land
there is fear on every hand
wondering what the future holds
all of this has been foretold

Hope is dangling on a string
while fickle Fate it's barbs fling
and all the world in silence waits
for Peace to soothe these dire straights

Don't be trouble or afraid,
that is what the Master said;
Because if the Nations fill with doom --
I am coming very soon.

I watch my children play unaware
of the hatred that births mortal despair
their laughter mixes with vision blurred
and in it's notes, Hope was heard

So I have no anxiety
because Father's arms, are holding me
And I covered from above
with a blanket of His love

In the wake of terror, the people sing
darkness falls while church bells ring
do not break faith with those who die
Let Freedom ring with torch held high.

and at the closing of the day
light a candle to light the way
and say a prayer for this dying land:
a world full of weeping, we can't understand.

And I will lay me down to sleep
Knowing He, my soul will keep
And if He comes before the dawn..
with my Jesus I'll be gone.

created by French Artist Jean Jullien

“I can’t say I’m happy because it’s such a tragedy and such a horrible event,” he says. “I can just say that in all this horror there’s something positive that people are coming together in a sense of unity and peace.” 

I know that we are all of different beliefs, opinions, and Faith.  That's what Freedom is all about!!   I respect and love others no matter whether they are in agreement with me.  Their belief is no threat, for we are all connected.  The one thing that we should not differ on, is living lives that fully demonstrate Compassion and Love.

There is only way way to beat the fear this kind of terror instills.

Only a world united towards the care and protection of all Humanity, will ever conquer the evil in our midst.
I encourage you today, no matter your personal spiritual journey, think of the goodness of this world,  see the beauty, be a helper in times of turmoil,  and seek always towards restoration of the human spirit.

 “There is a loveliness to life that does not fade. Even in the terrors of the night, there is a tendency toward grace that does not fail us. ” 

― Robert Goolrick,
The End of the World as We Know It: Scenes from a Life