The noise fills the empty spaces in the already cramped kitchen.

A kitchen already buried in pizza boxes, paper plates with Orange Jack o Lanterns, various pop bottles litter the counter top, and various sized bodies.  The cat circles the legs of those seated near the pizza boxes; the bacon scent luring him from his hiding place behind
the corner planter.

"Mom! My lipstick won't stay on!!"

"Mom, I can't find a black long shirt!!"

"Les, do you have any dipping sauce?"

Ding Dong!  Trick or Treat.

It's messy spaces and loud noises and people tripping over one another trying to get ready for the night festivities.  It's flickering shadows from both candle lit mason jars and artfully decorated pumpkins.  It's at times both utter chaos and confusion; and joyful merriment.  The emotions flicker as fast as those wall shadows: light to dark and back again.

I hadn't planned on having a Halloween Party.  The opportunity just presented itself, and I grabbed it.  I didn't even really clean my house that well.   Who would notice any dirt with all the various costumes draped over various surfaces about the house.  Discarded candy wrappers already a colourful carpet of confetti on my floor.

Angel Girls black wig adorns the knob of the stair banister.

Monkey Boy's Halo helmet is by the front door with his giant pillow case to collect the nights' bounty.

My Captain American leggings wrap the back of a kitchen chair, while my glitter covered Shield decorates The Entire House and Anyone Who Enters.
Also, Glitter is of the Devil.

No one can find anything, and the trick is: everything is hiding in plain sight. 

Every time I re-enter the house from handing out treats, I am treated with the aroma of pizza and pumpkin.  It's not all that bad actually.
In an hour or so I will notice that it is actually my vanilla scented tea lights that Left Brain has placed in the decorated Mason Jars.
Vanilla Pizza Pumpkin spice?
Um, no.

I explain the reason for two buckets of candy waiting by the front door to my dad.  Again.
One is regular treat bags.  The other is Peanut Free treats.
And the two shall never mix!

I have a feeling treaters will get whichever basket is closest to him.
I am too busy getting everyone ready to worry, and can only hope that those who need, will ask.

Everyone is half dressed in an odd mash up costumes.  There is no theme at this holiday party.  Unless it's just - Having Fun.  And make noise.
My toenails are not even dried from the Sparkly Patriot Red nail polish I decided I had to have with my costume.  Yes, the toenails that will be Under the spangled tights and combat boots.  Some things are just because YOU know they Are.
I have told you I aim towards Authenticity. 

Darkness is Falling.  It's almost time.  The feeling of anticipation mounts and the kids get even louder and bounce quicker than the shadows about my house. The noise is almost over-whelming and I cannot think where I left my mask.   This spontaneity is new and scary and exciting and omg just breathe.

And your mask is on your head dork.

Ding Dong!

"Mom!!! When.Are.WE.Going?!"

"Mooooommmmm!!! Can I hand out the candy? can I. Can I?" 

I dodge the cat, candy wrappers, a stray tail... wait, who has a tail?? and adjust my mask as I move barefoot towards the front door.

Trick or Treat!

My smile is real.  I love this.  They all look great.  I want to take pictures of all of them.
Is that weird? 
Their excitement is contagious.  Now I want to be out there too.  
I bask in the glow of the pumpkins on the porch.   The pumpkins that are now getting heaps of praise.

I smile wider.  It's nice when people notice things.  And hard work is rewarded.
It's nice when all you planned comes together so nicely.
A last dash scramble of applying whiskers, wigs, tights and funky glasses: and we are off to join the night.  The noise goes with us, and Joy is it's Leader.

Yes, it's so nice when a great plan comes together.

But even better when you can find the fun and fearlessness hiding in the Chaos.
And every now and then:  Just have a party.

It will be okay.
No tricks.

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