Good morning and welcome to Coffee Chat!!!

Imagine that!!
I did a Google search for "win free coffee for life" and this image is the first.    Naturally, I had to click to see just exactly what this Judge did to earn free coffee for life, because honestly?   You know I will do the same in vain attempt to get more coffee in my life.

Well, it was not the incredible legal action I was expecting.  No killer sentenced to life, or innocent man set free.
Well, sorta.

It was for "freeing" this guy:

Seems them there balls are supposed to have a certain amount of air inside, and Brady's balls were holding significantly (?) less air than most.... what?
That does not sound right at all.
And I know less than nothing about American Football.    Maybe I don't even want to know what this is all about.    Seriously, you men can recall how much air should be in your balls, but can't remember to pick up chocolate and wine by the 27 - 30th day in a cycle?
I question your life priorities.

Whatever, he's so pretty I want to cry and if supporting him gets me free coffee for life?
Go Pats Go!!!

Now where's my free game mug?

Time out for Mom

Tuesday, October 13th/15 

Have you ever won anything?

Once upon a time we won the lottery!!
Yep, I could have bought you all an actual coffee one chat day.   And nothing more.
$130 and some change!!!  Woot!!   Living large folks.

That's it.
That's how much I win at life.

Although, it is Thanksgiving holiday in Canada as I write this, and my mom informs me that I won a bike when I was younger.
That was soon after stolen.
Me.  Winning.  At Life.

Except, as I mentioned, it is Thanksgiving and some of my family is gathered around.
We got good food.
Good wine.   Good laughs.  Our health.
And our kids are running amuck and stealing blasts of whip cream from the can as only healthy and happy kids do.
The weather is a gorgeous and glorious Fall day that allowed us to enjoy a Nature walk, and turkey dinner on my back deck.

Gotta say:  I think I am Winning very much at life today.
Actually, pretty much Always.

My secret?
Talk about all the things you've been blessed with -- more than you talk about your problems.

Not that I'd ever turn down free coffee for life tho.
Just sayin.

Next Week:  How have you changed in the last year?