Good morning and welcome to my weekly Coffee Chat.

Tonight is the eve of a major Election here in Canada.    Votes are coming in.... and it's looking like a shake up may be coming.

If Justin Pierre James Trudeau wins the election (as elected leader of the Liberal Party), he will be our new Prime Minister.    Dethroning current incumbent, The Right Honourable Stephen Harper, PC MP.

Justin is 44 years old.
He's my age.  And he might soon run an entire country.

I barely got my children ready for school this morning.
This change?

I'm not ready.

Since it's impossible to look forward and predict the future, I can only look back.

Since this isn't a political blog, I can only do that for myself.    And pray that Justin does indeed turn out to take after his father, former Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau.

I don't know yet what a newly established Liberal Government will mean for me and my family.  I can only hope and pray for wisdom and compassion in our Leaders.

Two things I hope I always pray for myself too.   I hope that never changes.

Time out for Mom

Tuesday, October 20th/15 
How have you changed in the last year?

This has been a year of change.   sortish

Not much about me personally has changed; except thankfully there is LESS of me.  I have stayed committed to my fitness goal of working out at least 5 times per week.
(Just ignore that box of cupcakes over there.   We do have a birthday coming up)

The core beliefs, values, ideas, dreams.... all that is still the same old me.  But now, I am actually starting to put those things into action.

Complaining about your terrible master bedroom for years?
Just do something about it already!!

Still working on that DIY headboard though.   Having a hard time choosing a fabric.
But Soon.

Dreaming of one day publishing a book?
Get writing!
OK.    Click this link if you like Story time.

Complaining about clutter around the house and want to be more organized?
De clutter.

Feeling glum and gloomy about the state of the world and want to make a difference?  Especially concerning the lives of our most valuable and vulnerable resource?
Get. Involved.

Pack a shoebox.  Donate to a Go Fund.   Help your kids pick up garbage in the park.
Lead.  By Example.

Check. Check. Check.
You see, this year is not one so much about change.    As it has been one about being the change.
All those things I say I've wanted to do.   Started.
All those things I say are important to me.   Live it.
All those things I say I should be doing.  Do it.
Lining up Who I am, with How I Live.    It's quite peaceful, not gonna lie.

It's funny how this journey about being Present (in the moment), has lead to so many Gifts.

You may recall how a couple of weeks ago, I was talking about how places in the world were calling on my heart?   I used the word "Mission."    Some of you may have thought I was thinking of running off to Africa to be a Missionary, and don't get me wrong: I would not be opposed to that.  However, there are 4 other people who live with me who also would have to feel that specific call on their heart.

But closer to home?
That I can do.    So I did.

Guys, I'm a Girl Guide Leader!!!
What?  How is that a "mission field?" 

The Girl Guides Mission:  Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada enables girls to be confident, resourceful and courageous, and to make a difference in the world.
Specifically, my new unit is the Spark Level - Ages 5 to 6, and I am so blessed to have my own ZooZoo in my Spark Unit.  So we get to travel this road together.

The Spark Promise:

That's pretty much it right there folks.   Share.  Be a Friend.    If we all could just follow those 2 rules - imagine the world?  
For me, this is an opportunity to have real impact into the lives of women --- by starting with young girls who are looking for their place in this world.   How are we going to have a world of confident, strong, intelligent, compassionate and giving women; if we don't start impacting the lives of young girls in positive ways?    And global studies show that when we invest in the lives of girls -- the whole world benefits.

I want in on that.
I'm just not the sort to sit behind my keyboard and click clack my frustrations with the world onto a Facebook post comment string.  No - there's no time for that.   I can invest and impact in better ways.  For a better world tomorrow.

Being the Change.
Who's with me?

Next Week:  The long work day is done, you arrive home and the first thing you do?