In addition to my mindfulness journey, I am also seeking to make my body healthier.
Notice I did not say "skinny."

Skinny is not always also healthy.  Just as "overweight" does not always necessarily mean unhealthy.  Each body is different.   Our goals will be different.

However, no matter your size, body type, or what candy currently resides in your secret stash drawer (fess up, I know I am not alone with my jar of jelly beans); we all have one thing in common:   we will die.

Sorry, sorry - that was harsh.   I didn't mean that to be so harsh.
Except, kinda true.

We have many choices in this life, but that one --  that is rather out of our hands.  It's the inevitable.   But we do have the decision about what kind of body we are going to live out our days within.   Thoroughly used up and squeezing every ounce of life and adventure and wine and cheesecake; totally your choice.

Except, you know you can still have all that fun, and still have a healthy body.   Right?
Healthy.  Not skinny. 

You know what?   I would even go so far as to say - Dump That Diet.    I think what has been preached to women for decades is perhaps the wrong message.   It's one based on guilt.  One that measures our worth based solely on an external value.  Yet, most of us still have our constant battles of will over food.   Might we conclude now that ain't working?

Also, screw you people who only talk about women in terms of how we look. 

Must we really spend a life analyzing every single morsel we put in our mouths?  Agonizing over the hors-d'oeuvre spread at the ladies function, drooling as we utter those timeless words, "I really shouldn't."

You know ladies?   I have yet to hear a man utter those words.   Unless he's on his way back for thirds perhaps.

So what if I run 10 miles every day to cancel out my Snicker's bar habit.   That's my choice.  Best of both world's I say.
But no - no, I don't do that.   I only run when chased.  Not even for a chocolate bar.
I do enjoy a brisk walk on the wooded trails nearby though, because OMG!!

Literally, great job on your Earth God. 

In the spirit of sharing instead of shaming;  here are some of the rules I try to live by as my  exercise strategy for success.   What I call the Goal Digger Stick With It Plan.

1.  Move every day!!!   Even if only 10 minutes.  Even if only stretching.  Just do it.

To assist me in keeping this rule, I have "short programs" for days you really are pressed for time, and need to maximize your workout.  Yes - you can get an effective workout in as little as 10 minutes.

Here is one of my faves -- even doing it twice through is a fast workout.

If you want something a little more intense in a quickie amount of time, choose a High Interval Training (HIT) circuit, such as the one below.   Again, you can choose to do the circuit more than once.   I often do it twice, than pair it with some yoga/stretching.

2.  Have a variety of programs so you don't get bored.   Number one workout killer is doing the same exercise tape over and over and over and...   Yes, your body can actually get bored.   You know that plateau where you just stop losing weight/inches, even though you are still sweating to the oldies?
Yeah, ya gotta keep your body working by mixing it up a bit. 

Also, injuries, illness, exhaustion and that monthly visitor can all affect your Workout Mojo.   I have a program for every mood.   And never underestimate a punching bag (no, not your hubby) for that particular high hormonal time.

- total body workouts

- toning exercises

- abs and booty

- legs and/or arms

- yoga/pilates

- aerobics/dance/Zumba

3.  Have programs for high energy and low energy days.

There will be certain days you are just too tired, too busy, or just too DONE to attempt a HIT workout.   In contrast, you will have days you're in the mood to kick a little ass.  Make sure you have both in your repertoire and you are less likely to skip a workout.

A Tabata program is great if you want to drip sweat.  Like literally, my eyelids sweat when I do this.

For a more low impact option - and don't worry if you can only do it once the first time.

4.  Stretch.  Stretching.  And oh yeah, STRETCH.

I cannot stress enough how important it is too warm up and cool down your body.   It promotes good posture, better blood flow, increased flexibility, better balance, it's great for the glutes (that's your butt muscles); all of which will result in increased Confidence too.

You're body will feel better, and you will feel better!

Just please make sure to do the stretching correctly for before and post workout.  Pre workout you want to get your body warmed up and the blood flowing.  Post workout is time to stretch those worked muscles back to their normal shape, get the heart rate back to normal, and cool the body down.   You may hold the stretches longer in the post stretching portion, than at the start.

And BREATHE through the stretches:  in the nose, out the mouth.

Warm Up (5-10 minutes):

 Cool Down (at least 5 mins - depends on how long you choose to hold each stretch):

5.  Post Workout - Refuel your Body!!

Obviously, WATER.      Especially if you have sweated from one of those HIT killers.
This is when I like to have my coconut water; something with a bit of flavour.

I don't know about you, but if I have worked out really hard:  I am HUNGRY!    My workouts can often be up to an hour now, so I need to refuel my energy.   The key is: Eat The Right Stuff.
Protein is your friend.

This is also a good time for one of those nutrient packed energy smoothies!   Yum!

So that's it: my super simple secrets to getting to a fitter Me.
And ssssshhhh...... after a year of following this: I don't have a flat tummy.   Probably never will again.   But I FEEL better.   I definitely have more energy.  I sleep better.

I do have one pair of skinny jeans my ass looks great in.   That's important if YOU feel it's important.   Every girl should have one killer outfit she totally rocks, amiright?

Oh, and most of all - have FUN.

What's some of your favourite workout tips, or share a smoothie recipe in the comments.