Like others have expressed, I am not quite ready to let go of summer.

So here are some more shots from our Summer of Fun!

Found Dory!!

Backyard Olympics:  A Class Taught By Left Brain
(yes, he jumped off that railing.  How many guess how many kids wanted to try after?)

We had calm, peaceful together times.

And let's go crazy times!
(a lot of those actually)

but my favourite is the just after sundown gathered round times

 Nights have grown cooler now, as well as the mornings.
The things of summer suddenly lay forgotten.

Yet, signs of fall are not always so bad either.

 I cannot lie; I am looking forward to the riot of colour that is soon to hit. 
And the cooler, slower days spent warming my hands around a cup of coffee.

Are you holding onto summer, or looking for signs of Fall?