When we go camping we have this stuff we throw into the bonfire that makes the flames change colour.

I greatly fear the chemical composition of this magic fire potion, but the kids love it, so we just make them stand back a few feet and breathe through a mask.

But it sure is pretty!

Since I also enjoy several a cold beverage by the fire, I had to do the long walk to the camp bathrooms.

In the dark people. Alone.
Because Left Brain remains at the campsite with the marshmallow filled unconscious from fire fumes sleeping children.

Because of course we would not leave them alone in the woods.
That's dangerous.
We're good parents like that. 

There was a full moon this night. I know this because as I was walking down the road, my flashlight suddenly flickered out.
Hey - isn't that a fun game?
Lights going out in the woods at 2 am?!    With rustling sounds all around you.
Good times.

Anyway, after taking a few deep breathes - and pay no attention to those other campers who claim to have heard wild screams in the woods that night - I happened to notice that the road was very brightly lit from the full moon above.

So, no need for flashlight!
Wait.. what?
Are you insane?  This is Canadian wilderness!!  There are fricking bears over at the garbage dump.
I swear I passed a raccoon having a smoke!
Of course I still needed my flashlight!

Long story short, the fire was magical, the moon was bright.. and magical, and i found my way back to the campsite no problem and dashed back out onto the road to get a photo.

In the dark. At 2 am.  With the bears.

I'm not saying it was the fastest photo ever taken, but the result that showed up on my camera when I got home might suggest otherwise.
So my moon shot was less than perfect.

But hey, I got magical fire!  I can fix that.

She was like the moon -
part of her was always hidden away. 

ImagesByCW Photography