Good Morning and welcome to Tuesday Coffee Chat!
Yes, the Chat Is Back!!
So happy to have many of you joining me again.  You can always see future Chat Topics via that link on the header. 

I am going to keep things simple today, because after all; Monday was only a day ago and I see no need to rush into this work week thing.

This is your chance to show off your summer!!! 
Show us pics!  Show us beach sunsets!
Show us ice cream trips, and park picnics and books read on soft chairs and coffee on the deck!
Show us all you saw!

Unless you saw roadkill or a raccoon got into your garbage.   I think we can all agree to pass on that stuff.

Other than that, Brag On!

Time out for Mom

Tuesday, September 15th/15

This Summer I....

This Summer for me, was all about the View!

Far away (click any image to enlarge a slideshow)

Up close

Also, the wildlife that often popped into the view.
Besides the children I mean.

I also spent quite a bit of time on my own internal view this summer.
A whole lot of mindful thinking and Present Awareness was going on.    Which didn't always make me feel that focused; at first.
But I am learning that the road does go ever on, and that each step should be savored as part of the whole journey.

And for any of the judgie pants or nay sayers, I just say:  give me time!!  I'm not done growing yet.  

As you have probably noticed if you have not visited in some time, all this "focusing of my lens," has resulted in a blog name and design change -- and hopefully a new direction.

Not that different.. because Change!!    Yikes!!!
You will still read about many of the same things that occupy my time and thoughts.
With just more... me.   Because this writing thing: I just can't quit it.
I need it.
I am afraid of it too.

I want me some magic in my life!!
How about you?

Because Seasons change and give way to something new, and if you are willing to be still and stretch with them; something glorious may burst before you.

And maybe it is something you've seen a thousand times before, or something brand new; but the change.. the difference in the moment; is YOU.

Don't think for one moment that I forget about how you also contribute.   I am more than willing to learn at the feet of others.  To be encouraged and inspired by their own journeys.  So just know that every comment or respectful advice is most Welcomed.

And darn it!  I just like your company too!   Maybe you're a bit like my training wheels.  I want to fly down the twisted paths that are new and find adventure; but maybe there are still those bumpy fears that linger. 

I think it doesn't matter, or hurt to have a little company along for the journey if we need it.  Just as long as we take that deep breath, and roll ever forward.

Did you learn anything new this Summer?

Next week:  Back To School: What subject would you like to learn at this stage of your life?