Good morning and welcome to the Coffee Chat!

I had such a crazy, busy weekend y'all!   Like busy every moment it felt like. 

Friday was a PA Day, which you know equals All the Kids, All The Hours.   Also, MonkeyBoy had a birthday sleepover with 3 other eleven year old boys Friday night, and those little Energizer Bunnies stayed up past 2 am!

But they slept in of course, right?   WRONG!
And neither did his two sisters, so up and at 'em before 8 am Saturday morning!
Which actually was rather necessary since I also had to re-clean my house for a noon BBQ that we were hosting!
Oh!!  And don't forget to get Angel Girl to a birthday party in the middle of that BBQ too.  

Did I mention Left Brain was working nights all weekend too?

Thankfully Sunday is a good day to sleep in and relax all day, right?  Wrong again!
Up and at em and off to church, and then company in the afternoon!

I've never prayed so hard for a Monday to arrive.  A Monday!!

Until I woke up with a migraine.    Honestly, not winning this weekend at all.
I really don't like Mondays at this point.   Or happy people at the bus stop who like Mondays.
Or bus stops.
Or like, people.

Yeah, my weekend update kinda sucks.
But the thing with news is, there's always two sides to the story.
Sometimes you just have to look a little harder for the Good News. 

The boys had a great time at their sleepover, and since they are all older, all I had to do was drop off food and drink at regular intervals and slowly back out of the room unnoticed.   And make sure no one choked to death from trying to eat chips, cake and guzzle Coke; at the same as trying to handle an XBox controller with the other hand.

And I got some bonding time with my girls while the boys..... did whatever boys do with Nerf Guns .....   and wait?!   where the heck is the cat???!!  

Our BBQ was a great time too.   Mostly because it was an event especially for some new people who are helping with Sunday School classes at my church; so it was a great time for us to get to know one another a little better.   Good food, good fellowship, and getting excited about our new program.

Finally, Sunday afternoon was some family time.   So while all the food prep and the cleaning and then the doing that all over again was tiring....  some great memories and bonding was still happening.    I won't lie and say I wasn't so exhausted tired that I was actually starting to feel incredibly sick and grumpy, but I pushed through the best I could. 

Some times it's not about you.  It's about the people you are welcoming into your home.  Into your life.   It's making things happen For Them.  Some times you may be gritting your teeth to get through something; but that doesn't mean it's any less important to you.  Life just is like that some times.

Good news doesn't always happen on it's own -- that's why it's so great when life surprises you.   Normally, the good stuff often has someone giving it a little helping hand behind the scenes.
Don't forget those behind the scenes people!!   And maybe try to be one every now and then if you are able.

Even though it may be work, I'd like to be that extra hand as much as I can.
But yes, with less head about to explode pain next time though thank you.

Here are some other interesting news stories from my area of the world.  And one from another Marvel-ous World.

How important is knowing you are getting married really?   This bride - not so much!
Are refugees really welcome?  Yes, yes they are!! 
Is Captain America really a good guy?   Yes, of course he is!!

So no matter how your weekend ended, or how your week has begun, let's try to find the silver lining in our stories, and shake off any bad vibes.

What's the Good News?

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Tuesday, September 29th/15 
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