Good morning Coffee Chatters!!!

I often wonder just what y'all are doing while the Coffee Chat is happening?

I mean, don't worry....  I'm not picturing any of you in your bathrobe and curlers or anything like that.     Wait.... are you... in bathrobe...and???

Because I'm totally dressed for day.   *ahem*

No, I wonder how many of you are at home, like myself.    How many of you are at work.    Maybe some of you are actually blogging in a coffee shop.   And if you are, how come we weren't invited, eh? 

I remember the days when I had coffee breaks with coworkers.   It was the best part of the day.  That's not so much due to how much I love coffee, but rather how much I did not like my job.     So, if I choose to work outside the home again - which yes, I am considering these days - I would definitely prefer I job I actually enjoyed.

But.... what? 
I can't afford any re-training.   Going back to school is probably not a realistic option; but, if I could?    I don't know.   I've been home for 8 years!   I don't even know how to create a proper resume!???

What would you do?

Time out for Mom

Tuesday, September 22nd/15
 Back To School:  What Would you like to learn Now?

Well, I know the smart thing to do would be to take something that will give me a guaranteed good pay day.   As I am in my 40s, starting a second career this late in life means I'd have to make a substantial amount of money in the next 15 years, if I wanted to retire at age 60.   So I think we can rule out my being your brand new barista.

As much as I might love working in a coffee shop.
No, it would have to be something in technology, finance, Government (shudder), which would all likely require some updated training.
Ugh, school.

But what if I could just pick something that really interests me, that I have absolute no skill at (that I know of), and I could make a decent living?   What would I pick if I could just pick something that intrigues me?

I think it's no coincidence I am watching House Hunters Renovation as I type this post.
I've always been fascinated by architecture and design.   Again, I don't wanna go to school.

But, what about Decorating?  It's kind of a happy medium between the two.   Imagine being able to go into a space, and rework it like this:

It's not exactly my style, but that's not the object.    I am supposed to give the home owner what they want.   Which means I get to play with all kinds of colours, fabrics, paints, textures and furnishings.... without the commitment of living with them myself!


I could do cool bathrooms with a view from the tub.

Bright, open hallways with gorgeous wood floors.   Also, real Art.

And some of that cool wood on the master bedroom ceiling.
And why not put a fireplace in that big room too. 

I'd definitely have huge windows in the kitchen.
Oh, more wood.   I may have too much wood at this point.

 Do a pretty purple living room with comfy chairs and girlie fabrics.
Yeah, because I can assure you that I would never do that in my house.

But, it's fun to colour other people's homes! 

Although I would colour a kids' room like this.
Because this just looks really cool.  

Of course the best part is, I am not spending any of my own money.
Yet, I get paid.

Yeah, I think I could do that job.
Why am I not doing this job?
Oh yeah - I didn't do these.    But, maybe I could?
Meh, I know like 9 colours and three of them are blue shades.  

Maybe I could just be Iron Man.
Red is totally my colour. 

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