I was so busy with my blog redesign this week, and then the first Tuesday Coffee Chat of the season, that I never ventured out of doors with my camera.

Our heat wave might have had something to do with that.

I also have a huge spider that has spun it's sticky web right outside my front door.
We may be moving.
Except, I can't leave the front door.

There was also one I noticed on the ceiling of my shower/bathtub.
I noticed this spider because I was reclining in said tub at the time.

Did you know that LaLaLoopsa Dolls are not very accurate missiles?
I know, surprising, but true.
Maybe I should let the girls have one of those Monster High Dolls instead.

I thought about getting a close up of my giant Walmart like greeter spider.  Especially since we did finally get some rain to beat that muggy heat, and of course rain drops on web is beautiful art.

But that would mean getting close to the spider.
And going out in the rain.

Thus, I had no new pictures for today's Art link up. 
However, I do have this one that I took during our summer camping canoe journey along the Bonnechere River.   It's been lingering in the back of my mind and begging to be re-invented.     Can you picture a romantic rendez-vous happening under that wooden roof?

Very picturesque, no?
Can you just imagine a bursting sunset behind the lookout?   Maybe some birds in the sky, add some riverbank flowers.   Maybe a canoe.    Sounds lovely, right?

Yeah, I'm not gonna do that.
I've got spiders outside, and spiders inside and I just started watching the newest zombie TV show Fear the Walking Dead.    I've got visions of a dark and creepy Bayou night instead.

It's romantic - ish. 

the marsh was angry beneath the fog,
reflecting misty delusions of her mind
the air hung damp and sticky above the murky depths,
as humming insects stroked their tune into the night;
undisturbed by her wild passage.
Some say she just went crazy;
strange and colourful beyond the light
tripping over graves within the trees
until swallowed into the night
owls echoed his name as it was torn from her twisted lips
the dank bugs retreating into the mud
while the evil stretched beyond the shadows
under these skies she fled the dream
numb fingers tore twisted branches from her pale visage
until there, conjured in violet wraiths within the light
nestled back among the bayou banks
stood the place their love hid from prying eyes 
alone she lay upon its' cold wood planks
her tear drops fell like grotesque gems
while the night wind stretched its cold tongue upon her forlorn form
alone she expelled her mournful spell upon the night
the passion of youth dying, seeping invisible into the mud
and conversing with the brilliant evil beneath darkened skies
until no words were left, and with no arms to hold
she floated out of a world,
and sank to her grief
looking for the love that once was
upon the banks of The Bayou.

(click to enlarge for the best effect)

ImagesByCW Photography