Once school started again, I was hell bent on getting some stuff around the house done, and catching up on some Netflix reading, so I had not actually picked my camera up in a few weeks.

Of course, wouldn't you know it, the very day I planned to get out and be all photo ninja like?

I am blaming that big spider at my front door.   She relocated her web from the garden planter on the steps, to right up under the roof overhang.

I should have known.

However, I was not to be thwarted!!
Raindrops on anything makes for some great art.

(click any image to enlarge)

but especially spider webs!
The original shot.

Nature really is the best artist.
However, this is my blog and Saturday Art, thus it must be More.

I combined it with one of my fall foliage shots and presto!
It's rather like walking into a web.
Not that I enjoy that happening when I am out for walk.

And for those squeamish sorts, I did not include any shots of the big Walmart Greeter Spider.    But you might want to be prepared for Wordless Wednesday!!

That's all for today folks.
It's my mom's birthday today and we are heading out for a big party in her honour!

Have a good one, and happy creating!

I also managed to catch the a shot for this week's Thru The Lens Thursday prompt:  Drawn
I found this piece of hand painted art on a slab of wood at one of my local art stores, and I absolutely LOVE it.