I know that I have been on a philosophical journey of sorts lately.   I feel immensely grateful for having this place to share that journey.

But it's not all just in your mind ya know.
We are Whole people:  Mind, Spirit, and .... Body.

And some days, you just gotta work dat body.

So while I am busy loading all my photos, videos and programs back onto my now healthy bug-free laptop, I thought I would share a couple of my favourite work out videos with you.

I wanted to add strength training to my routines because it not only translates to more calories burned, and helps keep weight off longer due to increasing your metabolism, but it is especially good for protecting bone health and muscle mass.  Osteoporosis is a very common condition for many women as they age.

Strength training can also increase your flexibility, which is certainly a huge help for people like me who tend to fall down.  Like now.
Like seriously, on my way up the stairs to get a snack.

I need this.

I really like this particular workout because when I first started, I found it challenging without even adding any weight.  Over the past year I have slowly built up my strength so that I can do it fairly easily with 10 - 12 pound weights.   The exercises are just challenging enough, without being too difficult.

The other important part I mentioned was Flexibility, so you absolutely .., and I cannot stress this enough - must cool down and stretch after your workout routine.

As you workout, in particular strength training, your muscles are left shortened.  If you do not take the time to stretch and help them return to their natural position and posture; you will find yourself groaning in bed the next morning.
No, not the fun kind.   I said Groaning... "G.R....not with an M."

Stretching is just as important as the exercise itself.   Unless soreness, stiffness and injury are the side effects you are looking for.

I also find it's not just a chance for your body to reset, but also your mind.  You can be so focused during your workout.  And sometimes the body is still pumped with all that adrenaline.  Taking the time to reset your body and mind with some Yoga and Pilates stretches will help you calm both mind and body, and release any lingering tension.

I like to think of it as taking time to thank my body for actually working. For not giving up on me even though I am bringing the Pain.

Like, sorry I dropped that 5 pound on you big toe, let's stretch and let it all go.

I like this particular stretching routine because it does take the time to remind us to be Grateful.  To breathe in the Good Energy and exhale all the bad and negative.  

And the pigeon stretch?  Oh.My.Gawd.
It feels like your butt is in Heaven.  Srsl'y.
Do it.

For me, being healthy is just another step in the journey towards enjoying the Now.  It may seem funny that it helps me be more Present, when I am in fact not present but in Downward Dog.  Yet, the increased awareness of my own body: how it moves through this daily life, is actually helping me be more In Tune.

Tone it Up?
Seems more to me that TUNE it Up is the theme around here lately.  Mind, body, soul... bugged computers.

All together becoming new and improved.