I swear by all that is holy and pure in this world, if I ever get my hands on a person who creates computer viruses, or any kind of Adware, Malware, I am going to throat punch them so hard Google won't even be able to find them!

 Blogging Interrupted!!!

 Seems I will have to take a little break away from the computer until I can resolve this issue.  Three times now we thought we had it fixed, only to have it return.

A complete wipe is necessary, thus it will take time to move all my photos, documents and files to an external hard-drive, then reload Windows -- and some of the best damn Malware Protection I can afford find.   Then reload everything back on my laptop.

I can use Left Brain's desktop to read some of your blogs, but I don't want to mess around in my own blog too much right now.    I don't know if you are seeing underlined links, or Adware when you visit here:  so I don't want to do any more posts just in case.

Of course all the bookmarks to your blogs are on MY laptop, as well as my blog reader in my email provider.   Which also seems infected.   UGH!!

I hate these people with the burning intensity of a 1000 suns!!

I plan to be back up and running hopefully by next week, or at the very latest by my Coffee Chat return date of  September 8, 2015.      Any guesses what my first topic might be??!!  *eyeroll*

You can see at the top menu I have added a Coffee Chat Prompts Page so that you can always see the upcoming Chat Topics.

 Until then I hope you are all enjoying the final days of summer.  Or not going too crazy with back to school activities.

I won't link up because I don't spread my nasty bug shit around - I am nice like that;  but you can always check out my two faves for WW link ups.