I mentioned in last weeks' WW post that during our annual summer camping trip we did a 2 hour canoe journey on the Little Bonnechere River.

 It was amazing.  Fantastic.  Beautiful.
Until my arms notified me that I had been paddling 3 kids upriver for about an hour..... and still had to paddle back to the start.

Pacing is very important in canoe journeys folks.
Also, maybe just drift every now and then too.  Absorb the beauty.

I did not take my Canon Camera in the canoe with 3 children.  Are you insane??
Heck no.
Thus later another day, I had to walk the trail alongside the river to get my beautiful nature shots.....because this place is beautiful!

Also, Turtles!!

(click any photo to enlarge for a slide show)


 Many of these shots were with my zoom lens, as I was standing on the shoreline and the river is fairly wide in some places.   So I am actually quite far away.  I probably would not have been able to spot most of the turtles if I was not looking through a zoom lens.

Also, water reflections is my new aesthetic.

"Canoes, too, are unobtrusive; they don't storm the natural world or ride over it, but drift in upon it as a part of its own silence. As you either care about what the land is or not, so do you like or dislike quiet things--sailboats, or rainy green mornings in foreign places, or a grazing herd, or the ruins of old monasteries in the mountains. . . . Chances for being quiet nowadays are limited.”
~ John Graves