Hey everyone!
Since I am out in the woods again and not able to be with you here; I thought I might instead follow the bonfire tradition of telling tales.

Gather round folks... it's Story Time!
 Don't be afraid: it's not a scary tale!

The sun was still a glowing orb, hanging low on the horizon, but thankfully losing the stifling heat of the day, when he stepped out onto the beach.  He turned his head to catch the crash of the surf upon the shore, but instead his 8 year old nephew's excited holler filled his ears.

"Do you really think we can catch a crab Uncle Mike?"

"Sure SmallFry, I don't see why not."   

He ruffled the sun bleached head, still damp from his bath as they both headed closer to the water.
The sunset will be amazing tonight he thought, and loosed a heavy sigh.  Single, thirty something, successful and quite handsome if he did say so himself -- and he was sharing what should be a romantic setting with his nephew, instead of a beautiful young woman clasping his fingers tight.

I suppose it's better than watching the sunset alone, he mused. 

As he watched, the delighted boy race across the sand dunes, scattering seagulls with indignant cries; he really couldn't find it in his heart to be that disappointed.  The kids' enthusiasm was infectious.  And, it gave his sister and her husband a few extra moments with the newest little bundle of joy.  He smiled as he thought of baby Kailey grabbing fistfuls of his hair and squealing in delight. 
Yet, hopefully one day he would not walk the sand alone.

The boy was running in circles; whooping and waving his arms at the seagulls that hovered and plunged, remaining just always out of reach.  Mike chuckled to himself as he hurried to catch up.  The light was sinking fast, if they wanted to check the tide pools, they had better hurry.  As he looked up to find the boy, he noticed Edan was standing still atop a sand dune, gazing down the beach.  Coming up along side the boy he turned his head to see what could be so fascinating, that it could stop this ever in motion kid in his tracks.


 She stood just downwind from them, the sun casting a golden halo about her, as she balanced perfectly in tree pose. Arms stretched up high, and her long hair whipping around her slim body; it's strands set afire by the setting sun.  As they watched, she slowly turned a knee to the outside, reached down with one hand to grasp a foot and pulled it back behind her, as the other hand stretched out forward: as if she was touching the golden sky.  

Perfect dancer's pose, Mike thought.

"Whoa," he heard the tiny voice beside him.  Yes, whoa too.
It also occurred to him that anyone who thought yoga pants were not the single greatest invention of the century, most definitely had to be blind.  

While both men and boy stood in rapt attention, the women gracefully returned to tree pose, and then easily shifted down to Toe Stand.  Her body the perfect contrast of stillness to the crashing waves and the whisper of the ocean breeze.  She easily transitioned one leg straight forward; palms held front in Namaste.  He could see the rise and fall of her deep breaths.  Imagined them carried softly towards him on the summer wind, to whisper a promise.   

As she moved into a twist, her face caught the light, and she seemed to glow from within.  His breath caught in his chest.  A familiar squeeze that kept him also silent and still; rooted. The sun caressed a cheek where a dampened curl lay, and he wondered what it would be like to touch that softness.  To be the man to brush the tendril aside.  To feel the softness of her hair against his own skin.....

"whoa.  How does she not fall Uncle Mike?"

The spell broken, he turned to his nephew, "Practice kiddo, lots of practice."

"Can you do that kind of yoga?"

Mike chuckled and ruffled the small head once more, "ahh, not quite Edan. but almost.  come on, we only have a little while before it will be getting dark.”

As they walked down to the waters edge, he couldn't resist one more glance back at the woman, who now stood in a Warrior's pose.   

Maybe one day he wouldn't do yoga on the beach alone either.

Photo Source: Tristan Martin on Flickr (beautiful photography!)

Until next time.
See you round the campfire!