Do you realize you have been witness to the emergence of my Becoming?

from Old English becumancome to a place, come (to be or do something)’

I realized tonight while doing my yoga for the first time since returning from our camping holiday, that I can still forward bend and touch my toes.

I didn't lose my flexibility in one weeks time away from practice.    Transitioning from pose to pose, although somewhat tight due to sleeping on an air mattress I am sure, was still fairly easy.    Calmed and centred, I settled into the flow.

It occurred to me, that for many of my long time followers, my recent philosophical musings must be rather like watching me finally transition as a writer, from only able to touch my upper shins.... to finally fully bending down to rest my palms comfortable on the ground.

Certainly those of you who have been around for quite some time, are very much aware I was not always so flexible a writer.

There was a time I was too nervous, anxious, maybe even a bit fearful of releasing such tangled thoughts into the world.   Would anyone read?   Would anyone understand?   If I am not connecting with anyone; what's the point?

Memes and Blog Hops were comfy little nests to roost in a for awhile.    While I still do enjoy several of them, for a writer: it became akin to creative death.

Life is a process of becoming, a combination of states we have to go through. Where people fail is that they wish to elect a state and remain in it. This is a kind of death.

– Anais Nin

Have I changed so much?
Or have I simply become more clearly ME?

I will never be a perfect writer, or a perfect person for that matter.      You know.... I think it is actually much harder work to become Yourself.    Surely, it's made the idea of being perfect easy to let go.


 late 16th century (in the sense ‘become known, come to light’): from Latin emergere

 Oooohhh....  "come to light" - I do like that.

Some of you may be aware that my online alias "RoryBore" actually stands for Aurora Borealis:  The Northern Lights.    And that's exactly what I wanted to be:  A light in the Dark.   Colourful.   Awe-inspiring.

Dancing optional. 

I live a blessed life for which I am immensely grateful that this emergence is not one from darkness.   There is no deep hole that I have had to crawl from.  No one silenced my words.

Except me.

I held them in to keep them safe, and we nestled warm in our cocoon of you cannot fail what you do not attempt.   Until it didn't feel quite so warm, or cozy in there any longer.   Words wanting to be released, struggling for the air they need to Become and Emerge.... can make the silence a deafening roar.

Words are meant to be released.
Stories are meant to be shared.

And a Great One once said,  You miss 100 % of the shots you don't take. 

(That's a hockey reference for those of you who think I only quote comics and Buddha.)

So, what exactly have I been waiting for?
Perhaps those seeds of self doubt were buried a little too deep.

Sure, acting on dreams may lead to failure..... but I believe the greater lesson, and fear,  is:  Waiting almost always leads to Regret.

So I slow this rush of life down to a quieter measure.   I be still, so I can hear better.
I worry less about what's over there, and concentrate instead on the here and now.

And during the in-between, I practice Gratitude.    Search for the meaning in the menial.

Hold onto all those little things, and small moments; that one day will add up to a Big Life.

Do you want a Bigger Life too?
I hope we all find it!!   That we all Become the greatest version of our true selves.

So today, I want you to know, that one of things I am most grateful for, is those of you who are traveling alongside me in this journey.  Whether you agree, or disagree; I am just happy to have each of you in my blogging boat.  

Thank you for all your support, encouragement, and sharing your own deep thoughts and experiences.