I know that things have gotten quite real around here lately.

I promised earlier this year that I would be revealing more of myself, and lately those layers have been peeling back.  

To say I feel exposed, is an understatement.
It's like that dream I had once of being caught without my homework done .... also, I was naked.

Only one of those things actually happened.   I'll leave it a little mystery.
But my point, and I always do have one, is that I promise I am still funny as hell.

If you can still find laughter in the tough times, you really can survive anything.
And why would you not want to laugh?  Do you not like Joy?

Seeking joy will always be my mission.
I am learning it can be found in the most unlikely of places, and when you do encounter it: you just gotta suck up all that good energy.   The drive is so much better when  your Joy Tank is full!

Sometimes it is the small moments you were not aware you were even doing.
Absent minded doodling while on the phone?

I mean, come on: just look at that little baby Captain America hiding behind his shield!
Funny AND cute.   You can't beat that.

I never knew I could doodle like that.
I released myself to the moment - and look what was born!

The best is hearing laughter ring out strong and free.

 Oh Lord help me -- they are drunk on their "Internet fame."  I've created monsters.
Silly, adorable, let me squish you and don't ever stop being You monsters.

I don't know about you, but when I hear someone laugh, it instantly brightens my mood.
I suddenly want to be in their space.   What's so funny?
It's contagious: the best kind of virus to catch.

I mean, just look at these two sexy dorks.
They've completely lost it.
And Chris Evans laugh gives me LIFE.  
If you don't laugh ALL IN FULL BODY like Chris Evans -- are you really laughing? 

Aside from simply being a great coping mechanism, we just need more laughter in our lives.
The health benefits cannot be matched. 
More knee slapping, boob grabbing, can't get control of myself straight from the heart and soul laughter.

It energizes you.   Sparks your creativity.
It releases stress by relaxing you deep down into your tightest muscles.
That's why you almost wet your pants.

That may not be actual science.

But most of all, it's a universal language.
Maybe you don't quite understand my struggles, or my trials, or grasp the deepest thoughts of my heart.   My noisy brain is too much to handle.  Yeah, I get that.  Believe me.

But when I laugh - something inside you sparks.   Even when you don't  know the cause.
Because in that spark of mirth, for a single moment; it is no longer about how we are different.
Judgement, competition, intolerance, and negativity falls away.

The lens is focused on what we have in common.
We connect, we bond... we now have a rapport.

You don't have to learn to laugh - you are born with the capacity.
You don't have to decide to laugh -- it's an unconscious response.

Go ahead - try to fake a laugh.  I'll wait. 

See... it sounds forced.  Fake.   You're trying to hard! 
The great thing about laughter, is that it bubbles up from within.
It sneaks past all our carefully constructed facades and long held restraint, inhibitions and self conscious concerns; and overflows like a healing fountain of water.

Which tells me, it's not always about Humour.

Yeah, that needs to sink in.   Let's think on that for a moment.

Most of the chuckles we exude in daily life, are not always the result of a joke.   People laugh at the end of casual statements, or even uncomfortable moments.   It is unscripted: our brain simply does it. 
Thus, in those moments, we are communicating something to others  in our presence.   And it's often a playful intent.
Perhaps we are simply saying "hey, I like you!  We have connected: let us gather and make the mirth!" 

(we won't address those that laugh at others for sport and to be mean, because I don't feature jerks on this blog.  it's under my Don't Feed The Trolls clause.)

I've told you my brain is a noisy place.... and I can get trapped there if I listen to all that Brain Talk.
It will try to convince that certain things Matter - when in fact, they are not the things that matter at all.

And this world is a noisy place.  So.Much.Din.
No wonder we all want to shut it - and one another out.   Most of the noise out here, is much like that brain noise I must try to silence:   it pulls your focus off the the important things in life.   It makes you see all the negative, shitty things of this world; and steals that joy that IS inside you.

Imagine if laughter was the most common sound in the world?

Studies show that children laugh more frequently, and with more gusto than adults.
That's not good.   We can do better my friends.
We need to hold on to that child like joy that was meant to be the umbrella for all the rains that pour down upon us.    We need to let those unscripted moments that have us clutching our bellies be the social glue that bonds us together.

Laughter is Essential.
Don't think, or try so hard about it.   Simply go forth and giggle like your very life depends on it!!!

Because actually, I rather think it does. 

Also, Everything I need to know in life, I learned from Disney:

Today, let's try to not let the crappy things of this world get us down.
Let's find our Happy Thought, cross those legs tight; and release the power of laughter. 

What's got you giggling?