Happy Friday!!

It's been a pretty great week of sun and fun!
We actually had two trips to the beach this week; and both days were stunningly beautiful.

And my butt hurts.
It's related, trust me.

I've been so devoted to my workouts, that the days we take off for the beach, I get a little worried about fitting my workout in.   Or, being too tired and hot when I get home to even bother.

So, I had a great idea!  Workout at the beach!   
Yes, my brilliance dazzles even me sometimes.  And, that's what all the cool exercise videos do.

Thus, do you see that distant shoreline across from the beach?  
Yeah, I swam that.   Twice. 
 And then tread water out in the deep with the kids for about another 20 minutes.

Don't worry - they had noodles for safety. 
Worry about me.
I know it may not seem that far in this picture... but.... twice.   and then... tread.

I did not know I had muscles there in my butt.

Oh, and by twice?
I mean I did it twice.   Both days we went.
You know, they say you don't always feel the pain from a workout until sometimes the second, or even third day, after.

They're right.

If people thought I looked weird doing my stretching yoga on the beach afterward, they should see me walking up my stairs now.

The moral of this little story?
Sometimes, being in the Now - hurts a little.

But you can still find your Zen if you look for it.

You know what they also say?
Third time is the charm

I'm in the mood for another beach trip.   And I think this one won't hurt at all.

Feeling Beachie

This week’s co-host is ELIZABETH from SILVERS BOOK REVIEW. She came up with ALL THE statements.

The statements:
  1. Leaving someone out is  just plain rude.  Why would you do that?   Don't do that.  
  2. Blogging is connecting, inspiring, creating, finding your voice, listening to other voices, bonding over shared experience, learning about new ones, and mostly just that thing that allows me to have My Space for Me; the added bonus is You joining me.
  3. Asking about anything! is perfectly okay to me!  seriously, you could ask me anything.  I don't offend easily and I'll talk your ear off if I can.  Meaning - over coffee or a beer.  In this space, I do have my limits of "going there."
  4. Would you post a somewhat questionable image?
You bet your butt I would!!

a very real problem we discovered.  eeeewww - put your nasty litter in the garbage.

I swear on my honour, that last one is just to show the importance of stretching folks.
You can never be too careful with your health.
Have a great weekend!

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