My little shadow is not so little anymore.

And he's not too keen on being my shadow either.
Unless I am in the kitchen, and then he's like everyone else that lives here and comes running.

It's a dilemma in our house right now:  put the cat out to run free, or keep him inside?

I haven't made a decision yet because I am waiting for everyone to be home all day with me, and then they can also enjoy the various high, screeching pitches of sound accompanied by claws dragging upon my front door, that one small cat can make all day long.

Also, 5:30 am.
thanks so much songbirds for teasing him through the window.

Anyway, pics or it didn't happen:  this cat wants out!


hey! watcha doing?  star gazing?

oh bother   *bored cat sigh for 3 years*
do you mind?

*sad kitty face for eternity*
Awwwww, isn't that saddest wee face ever?

Okay, I am not heartless.
For now, he can go out on a leash that I tie around the tree in our front yard.
Yes, I make sure the leash can't reach the road.

No, I did not think the little bugger would climb the cedar tree beside the house, and get on the damn roof.
Yes, he's in a harness so that he cannot accidentally choke himself when I pull him off the roof.

Kidding on that last part.
I made one of the kids climb up and get him down.

Just seeing if you're paying attention.

I'll show myself out.