Summer is here!!!!

So are all the kids!!!

Also, all the rain!!!
Not exactly the start of the fun season I was expecting, or planning on.

The rain part I mean; I knew about the buried in children part.

The kids were quite upset that their favourite summer activity was out of the question.   Although I dare say if I had taken them all to the beach, they would have swam in the freezing rain and cold anyway.   Emerging with lips all tinted blue and limbs void of feeling, stuttering "it's not cold mama, come on in."

You lie little ya little..... liars liars pants on fire.

Sorry.  Do you ever find that when you are trying to reason and negotiate with a child, that you often end up acting like a child?   Just me? 

We did use one rainy day to cross something off our Summer Fun List:  PJ day.   And it was glorious!
We started with a big waffle, scrambled eggs, bacon and fresh fruit breakfast.    Then Left Brain and I let the kids watch approximately 32.8 hours of TV and movies in a day while we recovered from the food coma.

There may have also been Xbox happening, as I think I heard the sound of laser blasts and arrows whipping past as I crawled to the kitchen to make some green tea.

Second Day, Same as the First.

No, there will not be waffles again.

"Hey look, we have Pop Tarts.  Mom Mom MOMM!!!! Can I have a Pop Tart"

Internal mom voice:  you won't have to cook.   "Yes, you can have a Pop Tart."


Internal thought:  Sugar! and they are inside All Day!!   "No, one is enough."

Awwww, but mom.  There IS TWO in the package.  You're meant to have both or the other one will go bad. 

Little ZooZoo voice of reason:  Yeah, mama the Pop Tart that won't get eatened (sic) will be sad.   MAYBE WE CAN GIVE IT TO THOR!!!

*parental sigh since dawn of time*  You will each have ONE.

*discontented grumbling while leaving trail of Pop Tart crumbs on newly cleaned kitchen floor.*

I retired to my thinking spot.

 And staring at my garden that needed attention, I remembered what we could do while stuck inside all this no good cold rainy day.

The Summer Fun List!!

So I went back inside, grabbed the arts and craft box (don't laugh, I'm organized... mostly), called the kids outside to sit under the gazebo, and we went to work sharing all the fun stuff we wanted to do this summer.

Honestly, I could have easily done 5 sheets, but I really don't think  "hunt anaconda in the Amazon river" is entirely realistic.   Also, the hell?   Who brought that child here?

In similar fashion, as much as I would love to take all the kids to Disney, in order to afford the trip, I would have to sell at least one of the children.   Thus defeating the purpose of taking ALL the children to Disney.

So edited for content, budget and "no stuff that anyone gets dead", here is our first Master Summer Fun List!!!

 Angel Girl and ZooZoo wanted to do their own sheets too.
Monkey Boy in typical boy almost a tween and now I am eternally and dramatically bored fashion, retired to his room once he made sure some sort of food offering was listed.

Angel Girl #1

Angel Girl #2
ZooZoo (I think the big smiley head is me - of course)

Technically, we have already completed one item:  PJ Day.   But I have a feeling we have not seen the last of the rainy days this summer, so I am sure that one will be repeated.

I also have ideas of my own that will be surprises such as, Nature Walk/Scavenger Hunt, the fair, swimming, skating, the park.... sleepover at Grandma and Grandpas.   Okay, that one technically is for me and Left Brain.  ;)

They are very excited about the Minions Movie that is coming soon.   Also, we have two movies under our belts already:   Jurassic World (just the older boy), and Inside Out;  which I highly, highly recommend.   It was amazing.  And sad.  And heart warming.  And heart breaking.  And so life affirming.

I don't care if you don't even have kids, or your kids are grown:  just go see it!!

And that's it.  That hopefully will be our summer.
Left Brain's and my Summer Fun List looks entirely different.   And no, I won't be sharing it here.

Time out for Mom

Tuesday, June  30th, 2015

What's on your Summer Fun List?   
Hey, if you want to get all fancy and make a poster, 
or beautiful journal; I'd be so thrilled and inspired

Next Week?
There is no next week my friends.   This is where I leave you to go ENJOY those summer to do lists, and not be stuck behind your computer!!   I want to thank everyone who joins me each week: I am so grateful to each one of you that shares a little peek into your world with me.   I hope to see you all back here in September.    Keep an eye on the CHAT SNEAK PEEK PAGE for any updates!

I'll still be blogging through out the summer, so do feel free to drop by and say Hey any time.   The coffee is always on.   Have a fun summer!!!


Stacy Uncorked