Good morning and welcome to the Coffee Chat!!

Thank you as always for joining me each week and sharing your thoughts.
This morning besides my java, I bought myself a special treat:  a croissant stuffed with Nutella.

Things have been rather serious around here lately, and besides seeking beauty, and appreciating the stillness: I never underestimate the power of chocolate either.

Coffee And Croissant by Sylvia Sky
 I have been delivering on my promise of having more of me here on this blog, but of course I don't want you to get the idea that it is all angry rage monster!    There is more to come about my recent self discovery, but I still would like my blog space to be a carefree and welcoming abode most of the time.

And let's not forget, I am funny as shit when I want to be.

When I sat down and thought about the Coffee Chat, I realized that I may know you because I have been reading your posts for years, and you may know some of the other participants, but if we only see each other this one day of the week --- how well do we really know one another.

And yes, I am about 7 months late on this brilliant idea, because of course it would have been much wiser to do it at the beginning of the year.
But I told you my brain is a noisy place.

So let's get to know one another a little better, shall we?

Time out for Mom

 Tuesday, June 16th, 2015

Here is your prompt in a picture:

Answer the 10 questions in your chat post, and add a bonus if you feel like it.  Or a question you would like commenter's to answer.   

 Here we go!

1.   My nickname:  of course you all know my online nickname of Rorybore, but in real life I answer either to "Bug" from a few select people who are my elders and thus I cannot smack them; but typically most call me "Jelly Bean."    No, I don't know why.    A friend started it and it stuck.

2.  Eye colour:  Blue!   but depending on what I am wearing or how I do my make-up, they can change colour from hazel to gray. 


 3.  hair:  basically brunette, but I have natural red to auburn highlights.
      stop laughing.   they were natural at one point - I just match them now so it counts!

4.  One Fact:  I sing in the shower.   It must be done.  don't even try to stop me.

Literally me.
Also, Paul Rudd is a gift. 

5.  My favourite colour is Sunset!!

6.  Favourite place.   I feel I am expected to say "home"; and while not exactly a lie, of course I love Home!  However, it's basically where I always am!   So, I will say Outside.   I mean, literally, just get me out of the house and into the great wide yonder.  I don't even care where.

Seriously, if you said, "hey, I've never seen a lighthouse.  let's go on a lighthouse tour of the East coast."
I'd be like, "you know what, I've seen one but what the heck - they are always near water and sunsets on water are my aesthetic!  let's do it."

Or you could say, "I'd really like to have the kind of morning where I wake up to an incredible view of lake, mountains and big sky and all I have to do is unzip the tent."

And my reply would be "we're gonna need a lot of bug spray.  On it."

yeah, just take me somewhere.

7.  Favourite Celebrity:  Oh, you've opened up a pretty can of worms now haven't you.

Most of you know my love of super heroes, and of course Captain America is my all time favourite.
And this goes back to childhood reading comics, so don't get in my face that it is because he now looks like this:

Yes, spraying water on Chris Evans abs is some one's actual frickin job.
What did you do today?

I digress.
Aside from a darn near perfect portrayal of a character I hold close to my heart, this man has also shown to have quite the heart of gold himself.

Make a Bet - Help Some Kids

Chris Evans and Chris Pratt (another Marvel Actor) at sick children's hospital
 He also held an Greet and Autograph session in his hometown that was only for the kids.
It was also FREE.   Most other actors go to these conventions around the country and charge for meeting and autographs and pictures.    That's not what Steve Rogers would do.

But on a more personal level,  Chris Evans has been very outspoken about how he struggles with anxiety and how that complicates and hinder this glamorous job he does.   He has even confessed to having panic attacks so severe, he has walked out of interviews.
He turned down the role of Captain America SIX TIMES!!!   Because he was afraid of how it would affect his life: he knew a super hero movie would bring instant fame and recognition, and he didn't know if he could handle that.  So, he went into therapy... and took the role.   Since then, he has done several very helpful interviews on the topic, and given some very sound advice.  

You know I can  relate to what he calls the "noisy brain."


 Many of his fans - including myself - have found it so helpful, and some even life saving, that their hero is willing to talk about what many might perceive as his "failings."   That he has been willing to show his fears, and show by example that you don't make decisions based on fear.   In fact, whatever it is you fear:  that is what you should probably do.

So, sorry long winded, but this does relate to a Fact About Me.
The Steve Rogers/Captain America character is my favourite because above all he is a Good Man.  Not just a good soldier.   He does what is right because it is right; not for glory or fame or riches.

It's nice to think the actor who brings him to life on the big screen also has those qualities.
And what you need to know about me, is that even though a pretty face and tight abs are lovely:  I absolutely require Substance above all those things. I mean, I just gotta know that you are in this life to do some good and not just suck air.   Savvy?

Oh, and he can also leap over something tall (Chris Pratt) in a single bound.
Tell me that's not a superhero.
Fight me.

8.  Favourite Animal:  As I look back over this post, I am thinking Chris Pratt might just be my spirit animal.

but otherwise, Penguins!!
I mean, look at this little toasted marshmallow!!

 9.  Favourite Song:  you know this is impossible for me.   So I will pick a current fave.

The. Guitar.

10.  Favourite Book:  I am doing a lot of Spiritual and Self Help style reading right now:  Tolle, Hanh, devotionals.   But I do believe one of my most treasured tales will always be Pride and Prejudice.    I'm just basically a romantic sap I guess.

Tell me one fact about you in the comments.

Next Week:  Only 2 more chats before I take my summer break!!!   
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