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 I'm happy to be back home, and even happier that soon my parents will call my hometown HOME!
They bought a condo here and I have visions of Friday nights on patios with cold beers and staring at the stars!!

I mean, I miss them of course.  It will be lovely to have them so close by.
But seriously,  TGIF lives!!!

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Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015

Recently we renovated our Master Bedroom, 
and my last finishing touch is to make a headboard for our bed.  
I am not good.   Do you DIY??   Help me.  Please.

I still have other finishing touches to do in the room also.     Now that my room is so pretty, I really hate seeing the box spring mattress, so I will hunt for a bed skirt. 
And a wall sconce light by the closet would be handy too. 

So, this here is a picture explosion; because you are going to need to see the room in order to help me choose a headboard.

And seriously, you have to picture how I was contorted and squeezed into corners and lying on my stomach on my floor, to get these pics for you!    God bless my wide angle lens is all I can say. 

(This is my first outing with my wide angle lens, so apologies that I have not perfected it just yet.)

If you click on any image, a slideshow will open and you can view the larger size.

The Ugly Before

the army green walls, a broken headboard... but the kitty is pretty cute.
Do take notice that there are no curtains on the window, and that the sun is shining brightly into the room.   Which means, this colour is NOT due to bad lighting.   yeah, that.

Not sure I will keep the white curtains - I may spray paint a pattern on the top, or bottom.  not sure yet.

my former corner

my new corner

Left Brain's old corner

Left Brain's new corner

and the whole view from the door

The closet is our problematic area.   it just had cheap shelving and sliding doors when we moved it; both of which I ripped out.   We put an armoire and some other shelving in, but with the dark walls and dark curtains and inadequate lighting:  it was difficult getting dressed each morning.

IKEA Pax system is the dream.
you know, when we win the lottery.

The temporary solution was back to some cheap shelving.

they didn't carry the ugly army paint into the back of the closet

I carried the pretty paint into the back of the closet.

We are looking for some doors to cover up that mess, don't worry.
Even a pair of curtains would be better.   

It's all in the details, right?
I LOVE the floor - it turned out great with the lighter walls.

And my first DIY project is the palm tree picture near the window.    It's just scrapbooking paper mod podged over an existing picture I didn't like anymore.   easy peasy. 

One more good look, before you have to help me choose the style of headboard!

As you can see, that is a bit of wall space to fill!     I have purposely left it blank at the moment, so that I can choose a headboard style first.

I like the idea of a fabric headboard, so that we can lean back on it if we are reading in bed.    Evidence of said reading material on both night stands.

However, the fabric would have to be fairly plain, as my duvet cover is quite busy.    Thus, perhaps a little something more dramatic?   Or, more soft and romantic?
I like the tropical feel I have going on, so perhaps a more Natural headboard such as a wood pallet, or bamboo, or a seagrass type fabric?

Here are some interesting choices I found:

from top left:  wood door frame w/ shelf; fabric; distressed wood;  fabric squares;  antique iron w/ lights and lace;  pegboard; bamboo shade; wood pallet with quote and pictures above

I have to admit, the pegboard is rather genius because you have the option of hanging stuff from it.   But I really love the ideas of the bamboo shade - because I do have the bamboo chair in the corner.  As well as the wood pallet with the quote painted on it.   The bonus with the wood pallet is that you can make it so that there is a shelf along the top, or even ones on the sides.

Cast your vote in the comments!

For your own post, you can either share your own DIY headboard ideas ... or any other projects you've done; or even your own renovation story.    Some curtain ideas would be great too!   If you made something recently - just share it!! 

Next Week:  Blooms!  Blooms! Blooms!   If you got a garden, this is your chance to show it off.   If your thumb is more 50 Shades of black - what other summer hobbies do you enjoy?


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