Good morning and welcome to the Coffee Chat!!
Coffee or tea in the garden this morning?

After all the talking I did in yesterday's post, I have a need to just "sssshhhhhh" and find my zen.

The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just on the body, but the soul.
~ Alfred Austin
A garden is a great teacher.
Patience.   That's a big one for me.
I put the bulbs or seeds into the ground... and wait.   And Wait.   Some times an entire long, cold winter, before I see the fruits, or buds, of my labours.


My garden is planted so that it has continual blooms and waves of colours.
First come the Spring flowers:  the tulips, the forget me nots, my glorious Bleeding heart.
Then the early summer ones like Iris and Catmint and geraniums.
By Mid to Late summer the bee balm and Astilbe will have finally grown tall and their bright spikes and plumes will tower over the still flowering annuals that I planted.
As the long hot days of summer shorten, the coral bells and seedum will start their glorious riot of colour, to be joined in Autumn by the bloosoming moms and chinese lanterns.

That my seeds have been good and well nurtured, and the resulting harvest bountiful.

Finally, and most important:  Beauty
It surrounds us.   It cures us.  
It reminds us that although life changes - sprouts and grows and withers and dies in ever changing  cycles.  Another sure thing?   Life: It is Good.

A garden is a good reminder to see the beauty all around us - but to do that, you may have to get up and take a walk in it.

Shall we?

she's supposed to have a bird in her hands???  KIDS!!!

visitor buzzing about!
potted plants: great for hard to grow areas, or decks and walkways

I know cheap - but I like it; it stays.  keeps the bugs away too

petunias are great for potted plants.   you really can't go wrong

one side of my garden - and my poppies arrived just in time!

more plants in pots

showing off

is this not the strangest and most fantastic flower ever?!

And last but not least:  Soon!

the peonies are coming!
Thank you for joining me in my garden!

Of course you know that summer blogging will likely show more photos as different flowers bloom... and my need to reach Maximum Zen increases.

Time out for Mom

Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

Blooms!  Blooms! Blooms!   If you got a garden, this is your chance to show it off.   If your thumb is more 50 Shades of black - what other summer hobbies do you enjoy? - See more at:
Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

Blooms!  Blooms! Blooms!   
If you got a garden, this is your chance to show it off.   
If your thumb is more 50 Shades of black - what other summer hobbies do you enjoy?

Next Week:   Is a picture prompt, because I wondered how well we all know one another here on the Chat.   It probably should have been done on the first chat of the year -- but better late than never.
Complete the questions, come back next week and share.


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