Just popping in quick because I have company this weekend. 

Does it seem like I say that a lot?
It feels like I say that a lot.
I want to be happy about it, but as you know, I am struggling lately.

I never wanted to be the kind of person - who avoids persons.  ya know?
And I guess that is why I am feeling the need to communicate how negative speech heaped upon me over the years, has me wanting to hide in my bedroom.

Ultimately, I want to enjoy the company of the people I love.
I am so overcome with gratitude many times at the blessings of my life.
To have people that do love me so fiercely -- and I know that they do.

For now, that just strengthens my own resolve, to not be the kind of person who pushes others away.  I would hate for anyone to feel that it was "just too difficult" to be in my presence. 

These moments, are not to be wasted.  They should be savoured.
And I am going to try and do that. 
I know that life is Beautiful.   I see it.  I can touch it. 

It means I will be probably too busy to be on the computer this weekend; and that's fine.
Because it will be my choice.

So I will simple share some of the beauty that I found recently.

My Good Fence!

Nothing beautifies a broken down fence better than beautiful blooms!

Through the Lens prompt:  Car

Oh, this one was tough.  How do you make a car interesting?
Since I've been all reflective lately, I figured it was appropriate.

so yeah, maybe my reflection is a bit off side, off kilter, and out of sorts at the moment.

reflection in our van window

But rest assured folks, I do know how to straighten and focus my lens.

And when I take the time to stop, reflect:  I always seem to find something interesting and beautiful.

I didn't have time to make any art for this weekend, but if you have found some beautiful and interesting of your own - and I so hope that you have -  you can share it over at Claudia's.

I wish all of you the most beautiful and peaceful of weekends.

And I thank you - with a heart full of Immense Gratitude - for taking the time to spread a little Goodness, Joy and Love when you visit here.

May it come back to you tenfold.