I still have so many pictures from our mini vacation at The Great Wolf Lodge.

I mentioned one of the coolest things was that the kids slept in a little log cabin like bedroom, within our hotel room.   There was a bunkbed on one side, and another single bed on the other side.  A small table and TV completed their little oasis.

The kids loved it!!  Having their own space to retreat to at the end of one of  our busy activities, or the just the long day of water play, was awesome for them.   And the resort really made it a cute little cabin too -- with many special touches, as you will see!

there were two little windows as well that they loved playing peek-a-boo with

 and here we have two tired wolf cubs crawling back to their den

 at least I thought they were tired!

*wolf howling in the distance*


Curious as a Cathy

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