Good morning and welcome to the weekly Coffee Chat!!

 This morning, I am sipping my coffee in my brand new Master Bedroom, and I can tell you:  it feels great!!!    I cannot believe we did it all in a week:  painting, rip out carpet and put in hardwood floors, installed a new closet, and then put everything back in it's new place!

There's so much light in here now guys, I can actually see what I am getting dressed into!
I'll have pics at a later date.  Not of me dressing...  it's not that kind of blog.  You have to go to my Tumblr for that stuff.  Har har.
I mean of the renovation.   For now, I just want to sit and stare at my pretty walls for a bit.

I am so glad I went with a kind of beach/tropical feel.
I really feel like I am in a beach villa!

Time out for Mom

Tuesday, May19th, 2015

The last photo you took with a cell phone, or a camera:  
Write a story about the picture in 10 sentences or less.

Life really has a way of showing us when we've made good decisions.
Of proving to us that we should always follow our hearts.

I was unsure about a "tropical" theme for our reno, because, well... duh: this is Canada.    What would I think about it in the bitter coldness of Winter?

Or, just..... 5 years from now?

But check it out:  the last picture on my iPhone camera:
(no editing, filter: just pure sunny joy captured.)

First Beach Day 2015!!!
Always go with what your heart loves. 

Now, Story Time.

The glare of the sun's reflection on the sand caused Lily to raise her hands to shield her eyes, as she looked out over the sandy beach, and down to the water where children were playing.   She groaned once more about forgetting her favourite beach hat.   Well, at least she had found a seat far enough back from where the noisy and splashing children played.   This had to be longest week ever, and she just wanted to lie here and let the sun's warmth infuse her body with it's energy.

Lily stretched out on her beach blanket -- still brightly coloured as the day she had purchased it at that Mexican outdoor market.  She smiled as she remembered that trip; how Mark had laughed at her Spanish as she tried to bargain with the elderly Mexican woman.   How handsome he looked with his golden tan, sun bleached hair, and the wide, white toothed smile he flashed at her.   How he had shook her hand, and then lifted her into his strong arms and spun her round when she got her price.   Her breath caught in her throat at the vividness of the memory.   She wasn't sure she could blame her blinking, watery eyes on the sun's glare any longer.   She curled on her side, burying her face in the bent crook of her arm; as the other other hand stretched out across the blanket to the empty place beside her. 

Oh my!
I am so sorry.  I had no idea that would take a sad turn!!
There's no crying at the beach!!!

I just sat down... and let the story go where it wanted.    Now that I think about it; I rather like the juxtaposition of this seemingly happy, calm and peaceful place.... and a character who is feeling none of those things as she resides in that space; in those moments.    It could be an interesting tale of the heart.

See, always go with your heart.

Next Week:  I love music!!  I have not shared any music around here lately.... and I found a great song for the Summer!  Do you have a go to Summer Song, or do you find a new one each Season?

Let fly your random today too!

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