Good morning and Welcome to Coffee Chat!

I hope everyone had a lovely Mother's Day weekend!
I realized I didn't even do a Mother's Day blog post!!
Guess why?

Because I was hanging out with my mother.
It seemed redundant at the time; especially since I don't think she reads my blog anyway.   (surprising right?)
Left Brain was working all weekend, so it was her and I and the kids; and grandpa limping along to keep up.  ha - no really, Dad is doing really well and that's super awesome.   And thank you for all sharing your Super last week!  

However, a blog post probably would have been appreciated by all of you mothers that are lovely enough drop by and visit me here.   So, apologies.
(but secretly, I hope all of you were out making great memories, and busy being pampered and spoiled so much that you didn't have time to be on the computer.)

I really just said that?  no computer time?

Time out for Mom

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

It is my birthday tomorrow, so Surprise me with something!
It can be anything at all!   A photo.  
A poem or short story.
A funny gift (don't actually send me one - 
I'm not begging, honestly)

So I made it to another year!
Yay me.
that's 4 *muffled sounds* so far now!  

I am feeling quite old to be honest.   I was out getting my gardens ready last week, so that I would have some lovely blooms to share this week - hopefully.   And I pulled or strained or twisted something in my back.  I don't know - I just know it hurts.  much.    I woke up the next day, and suddenly I was 86. 

So, I decided to leave the gardens for a bit, since it has been raining for 3 days now anyway.
Seems like a darn good excuse to curl up with a heating pad, some tea, and a Daredevil marathon on Netflix, amiright?!!

Ask me what I am doing.... go ahead.. it'll be funny.

Rory, what you up to girl?

Renovating the Master Bedroom!!!

Because clearing out an entire room of furniture, clothing, and 9 years of what the hell is this and how did it get behind there? and then cleaning the walls, repairing the walls, then painting the walls, and ripping out carpet because New Hardwood Floors!!!!

Standard protocol for sore back treatment.
of course.

Although, technically, I do believe the surprise was more for Left Brain when I told him to go pick up the wood and paint.

Hey, it's my birthday: I can reno if I want to!!   :)

Some pics for you home improvement show sorts:

First, off with the army tent look on my walls:

The border colour of the collage above, is pretty much the colour on all the walls right now.
Oh - except the back of the closet, because why finish painting that 7x7 little section right?

You can see that depending on the lighting - from our one little window - the walls can actually look brown.
Have you ever slept in a cave?  I feel like I have.

So on with the new!!  And let's bring some light in, yes?!
not the best shot, but you can clearly see how much lighter it will be.

But I swear, my ceiling is NOT pink.
(note to self: add new bedroom lighting to budget list.)

the shade is called Emerald Dust by Sico

And I will also have an Accent Wall (where the bed goes) in Surrounding Sea, also by Sico

I had also wanted to do some stripes on that accent wall.  Really make it POP .... and because I really loved this colour called Green Lemon!

But when I told Left Brain that I needed to buy 3 different colours of paint for the Master Bedroom,  he calmly replied

You will buy 2, no more.

Ack, I can totally add the green later if I want.

So if you are thinking it will be bright in there.... YES, it will.   because, cave bad.  Light good!
And it goes together perfectly with the duvet cover and sham set I already purchased.

told ya I would get that lime green in the room somehow!! 
also, don't forget pillows!!
you cannot have too many pillows on the bed.

hhmmmm.. they are actually more greenish than blue. really need new lighting
And finally, the flooring!
I was going to go with a dark wood because of the chocolate brown in the duvet cover, but then I remembered.... CAVE No More.
So I choose something lighter like this Ash Gray weathered look.

Let's see.... anything else?   Accessories?   Nothing left on the camera roll... wait..

Spider-Man photo-bombing Captain America.   Very funny Monkey Boy.

See, that's what you get when you load all your own furniture into your son's room and kick him down to the spare bedroom for a week. 

But you already knew that I liked Super Surprises anyways.  :)

Next Week:   The last photo you took with a cell phone, or a camera:  Write a story about the picture in 10 sentences or less.

Release your Random!

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