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Forgive me.
I've seen to have gotten lost and mistakenly thought I have landed on my Tumblr blog: land of all the fandoms and super slow movie moments like this.


I am just so super excited at having seen the Avengers Age of Ultron movie.
Two times something is a good thing, right?

too much hot in one spot

 yes, yes, twice is nice.  :)

Time out for Mom

So I am trying to refrain from gushing 
about all things Super Hero.   
To distract me; 
tell me about something you think is Super!  

Of course, I don't want to ruin the movie for anyone who has not seen it yet.   So I won't post any review/spoilers just yet.   But I saw this little description on Tumblr, and I thought it most fitting:

This entire movie happened basically because Tony Stark couldn’t resist playing with the shinies.

Tony: Ooooh, something shiny to play with!!
Everyone else: DON’T DO IT

*things happen*

Tony: ….Whoops.

So yes, that, and about 2 hours of Captain "Steve Rogers" America being the sassiest little shit.

Sorry Cap.   (ok, that was a bit spoilery.)

Of course, there were marvelously super moments that happened!

Like, just look at that form!
Come on Cap!!    This isn't dance class.... robots are trying to kill you!!

My new favourite is Scarlet Witch.   Elizabeth Olsen nailed it.

Don't tell me there is no female representation in comics!
Ahem.  I digress.

So all these are pretty cool super moments right.  But you know what else is pretty super?
VIP lounges!

Date night with Left Brain at a VIP Theatre --- I cannot go back to sticky floors and too squished no elbow room seating!!!   Hell no I won't go!!!   (she said a bad language word Cap!)
Also, beer is there too.

So the movie was great,  high end date night is great,  but you know what is The Greatest?
The Mostest Superest?

That.  Right. There.
Monkey Boy and I just before the show started.   Which is why I saw the movie twice.   See, I was responsible parent and viewed it first, before I took my 10 year old.
That's my story.

He was so excited, and it was infectious.  Even though I had already seen it.    We oooohhhh and ahhhhhhddd over all the exciting stunts and special effects.    We high-fived every time someone played ultimate Frisbee with Captain America's shield.   He grabbed my hand tight whenever Ultron's voice filled the small, sticky floored, elbows touching local theatre. 

There were many students from his school in attendance.   And let me tell you this:  you have not watched a Super Hero movie at it's best... .until you've watched it in a theatre full of wide eyed and cheering children.
Super. Unparalleled.

They cheered the loudest for Captain America.
I feel that means we have all done a most super job of parenting.

Captain America Approves!

Seen or done anything SUPER lately?
(or, if you saw the movie, feel free to share your thoughts.   Remember to warn about any Spoilers!)

Next Week:   It is my birthday tomorrow (May 13th), so Surprise me with something!

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