I am not here.
I'm actually out.  

My parents have sold their home and are moving closer to us!!!  Yay.
Keep your fingers crossed that their offer on a place here in my town is accepted.

Meanwhile, pray for me because oh dear lord.... the Packing.  And Sorting.  And Packing.
I'm going to be gone for a few days to give my mom a hand back at her now sold home.

But I have not forgotten you!
You didn't think I'd just leave a blank space behind, did you?

For shame.
Nay, nay.
In fact, it seems a good time for shout outs!

Here are some recent submissions to darn good memes that I would have done on time.
Had I been here.

Through the Lens - Patterns

I see patterns everywhere! 
I see them in chairs!

and blossoms fair!

Good Fences 

My very own fence and garden view.

This Way

That Way

And finally, despite being very much a gal out of time this week.... I still managed to do this fun edit of my favourite man out of time, for Artful Saturday.

Captain America 3: Civil War recently starting filming.
Yes, I'm a bit excited. 

And I just gotta represent that I am most definitely:  Team Cap!

Honestly, I'm amazing.
Just look at how much I did, when I wasn't even here.  :)

(since I am not actually at my computer currently, I will not be participating in these Link Ups this week.  But that's no reason why you shouldn't drop by!)