Time to revisit those two traveling souls, in a rush to get to each others lips, we last saw pulled over at the side of a country road.

If you missed that first part - hurry up and go read it!!

The heat of dusk pressed down in a blanket of coloured surrender.  I stood standing in the scented twilight, as Aurora ran her golden chariot across the evening sky.  Fascinated by the glisten of water drops against my flushed skin;  mirrored in the sweat beads hugging the curves of the cold beer bottle grasped in his big hands. 

Was that sweat, or beer that beaded upon his upper lip?  The cold bottle pressed to the bottom fullness.   His gaze hot and steady on me as he drank deeply.   His long frame slowly measuring the steps between us, as the evening shadows lengthened.

“You’re drinking my beer,"  I scolded him.

That quirky eyebrow raised as the low, easy drawl’d reply came, ”there’s more in the fridge.“ 

”But I liked the taste of that one.“

I peered through lashes up at him as he closed the distance between us.   Sure and slow.   Pressing the air from my lungs as that frame of his filled the spaces between us.  The bottle of beer, it’s cool sweat dripping upon the heated patio tiles in a silent staccato, now held before him.  Offered.
The lopsided grin now appearing as he raised the bottle once more to parted lips; his eyes smiled, but never wavered from mine …

”You can still taste this one.“

He towered above me.  Filled my vision.  Shoulders blocking the golden rays of the setting sun, and setting his bronzed skin aglow.  The very nearness of him sent shivers upon my already fevered skin.   As his head dipped low,  those long lashes silhouetted on chiseled cheeks still bearing the slight curve of an easy grin.   His eyes half lidded, yet still locked to mine, till no longer able to bear that dying light of day which burned, I closed my own.  Head tilted up and leaning into that strong chest.

Upon my lips the warm rush of the summer wind.  The faintest brush of a feather.   But the gentle pressure plying and setting my heart to hammering.   Gentle, but firmly setting a rhythm that had my palms clutching the t-shirt stretched taut over firm muscles.   Deepening the kiss, the firm pull of his hands on my hips drawing me nearer; into him.  A familiar knotted push and pull in my stomach that drew a gasp; while his mouth played across my own with fevered haste.   
A single finger stroking down the soft curve of my bared waist as his hands began to roam, and the kiss lengthened.  A shock to the heated flesh that caused my breath to catch.

A brief parting.  A question now in that raised eyebrow; those those lashes fluttering once more.   Gazes searching as the distant drumming within me called out over the song of crickets to match the pounding need deep within him.   A clash of cymbals that crushed me to him, as his breath exhaled in a hot moan against my bare throat. The pulse beneath driving us onward so that his arms circled tight, and lips returned once more to claim all that was promised in the waning light. 

I melted into his strength.  One hand now tangled in the back of my hair as his lips greedily devoured all that was offered.  I lost thoughts of sunsets, sweat drops mingled with cold beer on full lips, and became filled with only Him.  Until I thought, I too would burst; like those same wild rays of light that streaked across the fiery sky.

Standing in the garden, locked in heated embrace - his mouth a fiery brand upon my own; we held that golden orb while it slowly sank to its rest.  And above the rush of summer wind and beating hearts, with my heart soaring too close to the fire….
I hung there.

And could only whisper his name.

image still from Lucy Hale music video "You Sound Good to Me"

I screenshot the above image from the music video.  Then uploaded it to PicMonkey to apply some filters, the little hearts and kiss, and then a sunburst of light to represent the setting sun from the story.

So the original work this week is my words, and then some creative license with an image not my own.
A happy marriage of words and image hopefully.

ImagesByCW Photography