I am popping in like a flash of light to post my Saturday Art picture.

Literally, I would be a streaking blur of light if you could see me.
Well, not "streaking".... I am wearing clothes.   because blogging naked; that would be weird.

Not that you would know though, because:  blur of light am I

There's a theme here, stay with me.

One of my favourite things to photograph is sunrise and sunset.
There is nothing more glorious than colours bursting across the sky.    
The brief hush that comes over the world.   The incredible sense of smallness under a big, wide sky.
There's not quite anything else that can make me Stop.  Look.  Listen.

It provides me with that rare chance to just step outside myself, and just Be.

So you can just imagine how many shots of sunsets and sunrise I have stored on my computer.
The thing is, I haven't quite perfected how to wake up early enough capture that golden orb just yet either.

Thus, I have quite a few "misses" and "not quite there" shots saved.   But sometimes, there is just the little bit of something that prevents me from actually hitting DELETE. 

Maybe I can fix it once I acquire enough editing skills???   *snort*

Or, you know, just happen to take a picture of an Aurora, Goddess of the Dawn statue and how awesome would she look rising up out of that glorious sun?  
(and yes, if you are wondering if "Rorybore" has something to do with that, you'd be partially correct.)

Yes, that is my poem. 

 Aurora, was the the Goddess of the Dawn in Roman Mythology.   (In Greek Mythology she is named "Eos.")   I've always loved the image of her rising in the East, and racing her golden chariot across the sky, heralding the dawn with rosy fingers outstretched and her hair aflame.   

She was also quite fond of young, handsome mortals.  *ahem*

I always thought it kind of odd that Sleeping Beauty's real name was Aurora in the Disney films.    (I know in the original Grimm tales it is Briar Rose.)   Because .... well, she was asleep.   As in, not rising with the dawn.    Her signature song is "Once Upon A Dream."   again, as in I Am Not Awake Or Rising.

Well, we can learn one thing from a Disney Princess today:

Let's not make the mistake of sleeping a life away!
Get out and chase the light. 

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