I am mentally preparing myself for the five-year-old mind. I want to come down to their physical limitations and up to their sense of wonder and awe. 
~ Shinichi Suzuki 

When was the last time you experienced a moment of AWE?
I mean, where you truly stood speechless and full of reverence for a moment of experience:  sight or sound?

I think about this concept of "awe" a lot lately.    In a world where the old loses it shine, in favour of the new and improved; which no matter how gilded, we know will inevitably soon become tarnished as we seek yet another "new" to have and to hold.  

Are awesome things disappearing from our lives?
Or are we just failing to notice them more and more?
Our minds so lost in Time Suck Pursuits; too caught up in distractions, that we miss the glimpses of Beauty all around us.

I want to be ever watchful for these glimpses, which open the door to Gratitude.   Daily discoveries and moments that transcend and forever change the way I look at life; the world.

It's all small things.
But they lead to the sense of infinite significance when we are able to perceive the Ultimate Awe within the Common and Simple things.

Can you feel the rush of things passing by in the stillness?
Don't you want to live in a world BIG with Wonder? 

I do.
And thankfully, I have a 5 year old who can blow bubbles for hours, to help me get there.
I just have to be small, take her hand  ..... and see the look of wonder on her face, and the awe in her eyes.

 here's the original bubble picture:

There you go:  more of ME.
But also, my wish for you. 
Catch it before it floats away. 

ImagesByCW Photography