Have you ever had a dream that was amazing, and yet seemingly so far out of reach, that you never thought it would come true?

No, I am don't mean attending the Avengers Age of Ultron premiere next week.
(lying, I do dream about that.)

Well, my kids had a dream.
There's a castle in their dream.  And rides.  And cartoon figures come to life and walking about so that you can take your picture with them.

Yes, It's A Small World Afterall....  buuuutttt, since it's not a small dent on your pocketbook; THAT happiest place on earth would be our out of reach dream.

What's the moral of the story here?

Always have a second dream.   A Plan B.

Make sure Plan B also promises a bounty of fun!
(all photos from GWL website gallery)

 And after all that wet fun, make sure you have a nice comfy place to rest.

That's right kids!
Betcha Disney doesn't have your own cabin with TV to sleep in!

Yes, folks we will be on the Holiday Road for the next couple of days!
And then doing some splishing and splashing around until we are good and water logged.

Hopefully I will have some even more amazing photos to share upon our return.
Catch up with y'all next week!

ImagesByCW Photography

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