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Time out for Mom

April 7th, 2015

I am so done with Winter... .show me your Spring!  

I would love to show you some Spring,  and honest!!!
I had my camera all ready to take pictures the past couple of days!

The kids got sidewalk chalk to draw you pictures!
We even dug the Frisbees out of the garage in case this Easter Holiday weekend brought some sunshine.

It brought snow.

Which means it was also cold.
Too cold to play Frisbee -- although, the kids did go outside a lot.

But still, too cold to take the Christmas lights down from snow covered tree limbs!

Hey - it's an Easter Tree!!  :)

In the Spring, 
I have counted 136 different kinds of weather 
inside of 24 hours.
- Mark Twain

I feel ya Mark!

Never say I cannot get into the spirit of things though!
We opened up windows; and grabbed my hoodie to put on when the chill got too much.

We told the kids as they raced out the front door, "Nah - you don't need your snow pants.  This snow won't linger!

I was tempted to have a cup of coffee on my back deck, because the snow was only about a foot deep now.  I mean, a foot - that's nothing to a Canadian.

But then I woke up with a bad cold one morning and decided, coffee by the fire is good too.

Still, I could feel it in the air.  That subtle, sweet scent.... of change.
Even though the snow drifted down in big fluffy flakes; I was not to be discouraged.
I will help Spring along.

So I made it a Welcome wreath.

Welcome Spring!

Cause I'm nice like that.
Now hurry the !#$* up and get this snow off my lawn.

Spot any signs of Spring lately?

Next Week:  Favourite things.   What are loving these days?  

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