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That alias is back from a time when I was afraid to put my real name on the Internet.
Because, you know... people suck sometimes.

After over 6 years of blogging, I feel much more comfortable on the big wide web now.    I think it helps that I feel rather like a small fish in a big pond; thus I don't really worry about some nutter stalking me.    My biggest fear is someone stealing one of my photographs; but even then, I'm rather "meh" about that too.   Until at least the time comes that I might be actual paid photographer.

Oh, that was a scary thought!

Time out for Mom

I am planning an All the Girls - 
All the Children camping trip for the summer.   
I'm scared y'all.     
Tell me about a recent fear that you faced.

As you know, we recently had a very lovely and fun vacation at the indoor water park resort The Great Wolf Lodge.    I have also been talking a lot about my fitness regime lately too.    Those two added together reminded me of one simple thing:  BATHING SUIT.   IN PUBLIC!

Now I've never been one to be so uncomfortable with my post babies body, that I would not take my kids swimming because I was embarrassed to be in a bathing suit.   I mean, I am not exactly bikini ready, but I don't have anything to be ashamed of either.    The good news was:  I needed a smaller swim suit!!   yeah.

Um - don't jump for joy too soon.   It was mostly in the chest area that the former one had become too big.    Because of course.

Now trying on swimsuits in fluorescent lighting?   That IS scary.
But I found a nice one and was actually feeling pretty good in it.
Although, I think the bottoms may actually be too big because I darn near lost them completely when I exited one water slide backwards!

But honestly, those are not big fears to face.   I truly think there is something about being over the age of 40 and just .... well, not giving a shit anymore.   Haters - go ahead and hate.  I'll be over here having a bigger life.  Thanks.

So today I am not going to talk about a fear I faced.    Today is about ZooZoo facing her fears.
Because this:

is pretty darn scary to a 5 year old.   At least, it was for my 5 year old.
If she had been allowed, I would have most certainly got a  "hell no mama!"

Thus Left Brain and I had to divide duties between going down all the slides with either Monkey Boy or Angel Girl, and the other staying with ZooZoo in the little kids area.
Which is not half bad itself.

She had a blast in the wave pool, and spent a good chunk of time running back and forth to each of those smaller water slides.
I even got her to swim without her water wings AND swim under water!!
That was a major victory for the little girl who screams bloody murder when I wash her hair.

So the first day she was quite content to stay in this area, and the lazy river water canyon.

Okay, so she isn't exactly ON the water tube.  More like clinging for dear life.   But - she is in water over her head and with no water wings or life preserver.   (Note:  Left Brain is right beside her on another tube, and there are many lifeguards all around the water park itself.)

Also, Yes - every photo of ZooZoo is blurry.   It didn't matter the camera settings.  She literally never stands still.

Now, day #2 begins and of course the kids cannot wait to get their breakfast into them and run down to the water park.   I had spent the majority of the previous day with ZooZoo, and I am not sure I ever even got that wet.   And taking pictures of course.   So I was looking forward to actually going on some slides with the other two kids.   Let Left Brain get his ankles only wet in the kiddie area.

"No mommy.  I am going on big water slides with you!'

 photo minion-gifs-1.gif

Left Brain and I exchanged "oh sure" looks, but to her we simply said,  "Okay then, let's get going then.  we know the line ups will be long."   (oh dear God yes.)

So she waited in line with us.   She seemed calm.  cool.  Collected.
I was thinking this is the storm before the calm.   Because of course, she choose the biggest water slide!   The Wooly Mammoth!  (click for video link)

For sure she will back down when the time comes to actually get into those big water tubes.   And we will start the long descent back down the stairs.... to the kiddie pool.

Maybe it was because all of us could fit on those water tubes together.   Safety in numbers, right?
Or the fact that either mom or dad would be with her.   Maybe, she was just ready to Face Everything And Rise!!

Because rise she did!
And oh -- did she have a blast.  She hollered and laughed and screamed and laughed the entire way down.  She wasn't even afraid of the big splash into the deep pool at the end of the ride.

She had so much fun, she faced her fears several more times and I think we did this slide more than any of the others.    She didn't want to try any of those ones yet.   "Next trip mom"   LOL

She was so proud of herself!   And obviously we were too.
The only thing better than facing one of your own fears:  is watching your child rise up and face one of theirs!

Now, I will get back to you later this summer on how the all girl, all kids camping trip turns out.
You may send wine now though.   :)

Have you rose above anything scary lately?

Next Week:  Finish the Sentence:  Right now is the perfect time to _________.

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