I was so happy to be able to stop for a visit at my parents home on the return portion of our recent vacation.
And not just because she has a fenced in yard I can let the kids run about.

It was a good time to check up on my dad after all his recent hospital stays and surgeries.  (He's doing well!!  Thanks for all your well wishes and prayers!)

We also had the small birthday party for Angel Girl with All The Cup Cakes.
Mom also had Easter Candy for them since she was not able to see us for the Holiday.

So um yeah, back to that fenced yard to run around in.....   So. Needed.

And perfect for an edition of Good Fences.

ZooZoo must have found something interesting...

 The wide world is all about you: 
you can fence yourselves in, 
but you cannot forever fence it out.
-- J. R. R. Tolkien