Meet old dog.
yes, that would be me.

Meet new trick.

That is exactly how I was feeling trying to learn more about editing my photography in Photoshop.
Specifically when I want to cut and paste  images from several sources, into one photo.

I was just like...  "duh."
Not. Working

I had this shot and I wanted to add images to it and create on cool night scene.

I also have to darken the image so that it looks like night.
And then I suppose even it all out to blend nicely.

Well, after several tutorials and countless videos tubed... I finally figured out at least the cut and past parts.   Also, I was able to darken the image.

The whole blending thing?
Yeah, not so much.   Work in progress.

I'm just happy that I got some kind of image.....

.... and the my laptop is too heavy to throw across the room.


Baby steps y'all.
The point is to just take the step.

ImagesByCW Photography

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