I am talking about that other "B" word.
not THAT one either.

That's the one!
That's the thing I have fallen behind with.

Not my own - I mean, clearly:  I am here, and so are you.
No, more specifically I have fallen behind in visiting all of YOU.  Again.
I was just about caught up after my week long break, and then my vacation... and then BAM!
Or I should say Drip, Drip, Drip..... water water everywhere,  Again.

Why Why Why do people attempt DIY projects for stuff that other people go to perfectly good schools for training, BEFORE they do it.  In some one's house.  Without supervision.  Or a good budget! Why?!

 And, I had started my Spring Cleaning this week too.
So... if it snowed in your neighbourhood this week:  I am so so sorry!

Last count, I had 48 blogs to read in my queue.   I am visiting blogs in chunks, so if I missed 12 posts from you (shake fist at A-Z Challenge)  if you suddenly get a bucket of comment love from me:  don't you feel special!?

If you have not; don't worry - I will get there!   You are probably #42 in the queue.

In anticipation of all this blog reading I will require the following essentials:

1.  a fully charged laptop and a quiet corner
2.  no children (see aforementioned quiet corner)
3.  a good supply of chocolate covered almonds, pretzels, and jelly beans.  the good ones!
4.  fully charged iPod with music not requiring you to clap your hands, touch your toes, or Bieber.
5. Caffeine.  And keep it coming.

Y'all know that at least one of those items is no problem for me at all!

How do you keep from getting behind?

Through The Lens Thursday is a self-improvement photography project that Alison of Writing, Wishing and Greta from GFunkified, are doing this year (again!).
Don’t forget to join our Flickr group or share your own posts if you’d like to follow along and work on your own photography! And use the hashtag #throughthelensthursday to connect with others

Next week’s prompt is UPSIDE DOWN.

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