When I was younger, we used to go skating on the Ottawa Rideau Canal Skateway.
It's 7.8 km (4.8 miles) long, one way.
We typically did the whole return trip.

I can remember playing "Crack the Whip" with my cousins, and my aunt yelling "Go Bug Go!"
Bug was my nickname.

We recently visited the Ottawa Canal again on our mini Staycation.

This Bug doesn't go quite as fast, but then again, it was an almost blinding blizzard.
In order to get some fairly decent shots, I was partially hiding behind a big Evergreen, so that the snow would not sting my face and hands; or land on the camera lens. 

Capturing these images was extremely difficult for me, still a bit of a novice on the DSLR.    It was cold and my fingers were fumbling with the camera settings.    Also, basically white on white with dark images.  The lens kept trying to focus on the falling snow flakes because there were so many.

I've tried various lighting and filter techniques in editing process to try and get a better image.

Look at those big fluffy flakes!

Time for a rest and warm up!

Ahhhh, BeaverTails and hot cocoa!  Since you just skated 14 km!

These two images were taken with my iPhone 4s, and edited later.  

It was nice for this hibernating Bug to get out in the crisp, clean, and chilled air again!

Now, I have to get another kind of BUG out.   Namely the virus that keeps hounding my computer.
Looks like it will have to be a clean wipe and sweep folks.   So, if you don't see me again before next week;  you know I am lost in the flurry! 

ImagesByCW Photography

Curious as a Cathy

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