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So, tell me the truth: what's in your cup?

Have you seen these unique cups?  They are called Creature Cups, and obviously they have little hidden animals at the bottom of the cup, revealed once you have drank your beverage.

You can get cups in several series, such as the Earth one that shows an owl (shown), frog, elephant, monkey, and even several dinosaurs.    There are also Sea and Creepy editions.    They also have one from each series as a bowl.

I just thought it was a cool idea.   A little surprise at the bottom.

Maybe don't get the T-Rex.  ;)

The real question I should be asking is:  do you wash your coffee cup everyday?

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Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015

Random Confession.  It's good for the soul! 

Straight out of the gate: you have to know this truth about me:

Okay, granted - not exactly burning need to know confession, but it likely explains a lot about me.

I mean, I am sitting here trying to think of something I have not yet revealed on this blog.

You know I am a shameless fangirl.
You know I still believe in Super Heroes.
You know I can write a naughty little bit of prose.
Did I tell you about the time I awoke in another country yet?

Or, that I once was so heart-broken and Just.Wrecked over a guy that suddenly dumped me, that I went on a very reckless spree of going out every single night 'till almost dawn?   And then still got up and went to work each day.    Yeah, not the smartest move.

Um, no.  I am not going to tell ALL.

Tell us a couple!!!!

I will tell One!

I don't wash my coffee cup every day.

Okay, okay.   While that may actually be true, I don't think it exactly falls into the "good for the soul" category.

How about this:   I struggle with my Christianity.


Yes!!  THAT exactly!
I don't mean that I struggle in the sense of my Faith, or what I believe.   That is clear to me.
It's more... is it possible to love and accept a gift:  but really hate the packaging?

I must confess, some things in the Bible about women:  they irk me.
I don't know how to explain something like The Rapture... and not have people think I am crazy.
It troubles me that the very people who were told NOT to judge; are often the MOST judgemental.
It bothers me that the very people instructed to LOVE in the highest form; have committed some of the most atrocious acts in history in the name of the one who instructed them.
It confuses me why something that is designed to bring us together; actually pulls us apart.   Mostly because we spend too much time discussing, or all out arguing over legalities.

Why would the world want to be us?

I also have trouble with this idea that I am to "save" anyone who does not believe as I do.
I mean, does not that sound completely arrogant?    Straight away, if I say you need saving, I am passing a judgement upon your life.   How can I expect you to listen to anything I have to say; whether it be true or not?     Is there a place for tolerance -- or is that just a passive acceptance so that you don't actually have to take action?

I have studied other religions in the course of my life.   Something that certainly drew disapproving looks from many fellow Christians.   I was "opening up a door to be tempted, mislead, and the worst of all: back-sliding!"     But really, I just wanted to understand.   I wanted to see where other cultures lay down their own roots of faith.    Why is it that almost all cultures, believe in Something?!

That seems like a universal human condition to me.   So, why can we not agree on one true Faith?

In my studies, I definitely took an interest in some Buddhist ideas/practices.   Buddhism is not specifically identified as a Religion, by more as a following of the teachings of the Buddha.  Which is not to say that I bow to the Buddha statue AND pray to God.   I just felt like I "got" some of the teachings.   I liked that Buddhists do not condemn other religions.   I like that it is founded in Compassion, that it is speaks about selfish desire being the root of most of our suffering.   That it encourages "death to this self/ego."    Such a thing certainly is relevant in our consumer and lust driven modern world.   I really love the idea that we should travel this life and "Do No Harm."

In Buddhist teaching there is no "salvation" per say; as there is no real discussion of a soul.   One is to let go of our desires, cravings and attachments, and try to dispel our ignorance.   Um, that's pretty much what I strive to do under Christ's teachings also.  Because I want to save my soul.    hhhmmm.
Is it more worthy that my deeds; or,  the attainment of enlightenment in my Nature, that should save me?

Now, I certainly do not identify myself as a Buddhist.  It's main goal is to achieve the state of Nirvana - which is a personal purpose/goal.    It definitely teaches good things that will help you to get there.  Buddhism doesn't recognize any Supreme Being, and in the end, that leaves me feeling a bit.... empty.    What draws me ultimately to Christianity, is the Relationship to God. 

And sometimes, I confess, I just don't understand Him like maybe I should.
Perhaps I am not meant to understand fully:  and that is the whole basis of Faith. 

In the end, all this leaves me often feeling like, how can I save you.... when I still struggle with understanding myself?    In truth, it does all come down to you making your own decisions about Religion, Faith and God.

Except you know, when you have Good News; you are supposed to share it.  

What do you need to get off your chest this week?

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