Good morning and welcome to the coffee chat!

 Well, if you have been around lately -- thank you!
Also, Sorry!

I have been scare around these parts.    As I mentioned in my last post, I done caught a bug.
No, not the Achooooo!  kind.

No my bug was the more malicious sort designed to attack hapless users of technology.
Yes, that person behind the "Computers for Dummies" book would be me. 

I came on the Web and all I wanted to do was make a blog post, maybe visit some of y'all, and honestly I'm just feeling so attacked right now!

Who creates these virus things?   Do they not have anything better to do?    And they are so vicious and difficult to erase from your computer now.    I would think I deleted everything,  shut down and reboot, and BOOM: back it would be.
And once, it invited all it's rowdy friends over. 

Every blog I visited was covered in ads.
Every link I clinked.
Every comment I tried to leave.
Every move I make.
Every breath I take.

It was watching me.

Further, I was afraid it would end up watching YOU!
I was more worried about infecting others, because of course a virus is designed to spread.   So I stayed clear of memes, Facebook, etc. until I was not getting hit by it anymore.

I still used Tumblr because let's face it, it's the disease ridden corner of the Web often anyway.   *eye roll*

Long story short: I do believe I am finally Bug Free!!!

I had to reset my FireFox.   Delete my entire History, Internet Cache and Temporary Internet Files.    Which means you lose all your bookmarks, logins/passwords, etc., so I had to redo everything.
So far so good.

But if one of these buggers returns:  I am wiping my entire system and reloading.   (after saving to external hard drive of course.)    These bugs are just way better at hide and seek than I.

Fingers crossed for no more hiccups.

Time out for Mom

Tuesday, March 10th, 2015

Would You Rather?   Pose a question in your post, such as:  "Would you rather sleep in a 5 Star Hotel, or, camp out under the stars?"   It can be any question.   Provide your answer in your post, and invite readers to answer in the comments.

Now; On Topic.
(Actually, I was.

I recently visited my father in the hospital while he was recuperating from hip surgery.    He was in quite a bit of pain at first, but seems to be recovering well.    With his age, his knees already having been replaced, and a belly testament to good food and drink for many years; there was bound to be a slower recovery.

But the thing that bothered him the most?

Crazy.  Hiccups.
The entire 3 days I was visiting: hiccup.

We tried every cure we could think of:  holding your breathe, scaring him, drinking from the other side of the cup, drinking upside down, drinking while plugging your ears, and eating a spoonful of sugar.    Then we tried eating a spoonful of peanut butter.    That actually worked: briefly.

They came back.
Guess what finally worked?
Mom gave him a glass of Coke and after several big burps, they seemed to go away.

But oh my goodness.  Can you imagine hiccuping for DAYS!!???
I felt so bad for him.   Especially because they persisted even when he tried to sleep.

So folks -- the obvious question remains:

Would you rather have a persistent computer bug; or hiccups for days?

I'm gonna go with the hiccups.
Because I already did the other.   
And If I ever catch one of those basement dwelling, Cheetos dust fingered, sipping Big Gulpies and munching Pizza Pockets jerks who make these bugs:

 Next Week:   17 Again!  If you could be any age again, for one week, what age would you be?

Let go all your Random!

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