Good morning and welcome (back) to the Coffee Chat!!
 I missed y'all dearies!!

It's good to be back, although I will confess I am having trouble getting back into the swing of things.

Like, I can't even type that well after being gone a whole week.
Just imagine what my handwriting looks like after years of typing!  

On the home front:  my mother in law is now back home again, and continues to recover well from her stroke.   My father's stroke turned out to be fairly minor; but he does need surgery on a blocked artery.   As well as continue his recovery from hip surgery.


We had a blast for March Break and did All The Things.   More to come on that.
And then all 3 kids ended up sick at week's end.
Win some, lose some.

So, I don't feel particular well rested after our Spring Break -- because um... yeah: someone wanna tell me where exactly this so called "break" was?    LOL
After being up all weekend into the wee small hours with various vomiting children and the subsequent laundry.   And then one child still home from school today:  I definitely need a day of actual rest!

You know what amazes me about these young'uns?
They keep you up all night while they puke in buckets, and then fall back into exhausted, feverish slumber -- but not before tagging a sibling to go next; and then they have the nerve to wake up At The Same Damn Time the next morning begging for waffles.

Like... the hell?
How do they rebound so fast?
Time out for Mom

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

17 Again!  
If you could be any age again, for one week, 
what age would you be?

When I first thought of this post, I was sure I would want to revisit my University Years.

Because, honestly -- I don't really remember much.
Kidding.   Sorta.

Seriously, it was a fun time.  A hard time.  A real learning experience; in and out of the lecture halls.   Still, I think I could have done better.   Maybe I would have taken a different direction in my life?  Perhaps not wasted time on THAT boy.

Then I thought - no, that is all part and parcel of what made me who I am today; and I don't really have any regrets.   It was the best of times: at times it was the worst.   Lessons Learned: and I don't think I would want to change a thing.

In watching my children during this past weeks' events, I think I definitely would want to be their age again.  So say, between the ages of 6 and 10.    Not because my own childhood was bad, but because of their ability to look at the world with such Wonder!!

Everything is new to them.  Everything is waiting to be discovered.  And even the smallest discovery is cause for celebration.   They don't miss a thing.    They have this incredible ability to be in the moment.

Oh, don't get me wrong  - their moods can be swift like tempest wind too.
And we definitely had some winds a-blowin this week.
But then SNAP -- they are right back to feeling fine and off on another adventure.

And you know, as I was standing there in a big crowded, hot indoor fun gym being stepped on, shoved, bumped and holding my breath against a million different odours assaulting my senses......

.. I was envious of their ability to rise above all that and just BE.      

They didn't seem to notice the ridiculous crowd (um duh mom - holiday week!), they tolerated the line ups (mostly), and they didn't even complain about all the walking we must have done that week.
Or that maple syrup time seemed a lot colder than it did last year.  (yep)

And it makes me rather sad to think we might lose that as adults.   That when responsibility entered our lives: worry did also -- and fun made it's hasty retreat.
And I have decided:  I don't want to ever lose that.    I don't think it's too late.

I don't want a rainbow, or a puppy, or finding that pretty rock on the road while walking to ever be nothing short of Miraculous!!    Look.At. What. I. Found!!!!
Just. Look!!!

I want to keep seeing the world through eyes filled with awe and wonder.  For everything to feel new, and for even long, crowded lines to be just another chance to daydream.     For blankets and pillows tossed on the floor to be a fort just waiting for someone to notice it's worth.

When did I start to care about pillows and blankets tossed on the floor?
When did I start trying to hold back the tides, the winds, and how many chances to just be free, were swept away in the doing? 

Wouldn't it be great, just once... no, now!
Today in this busy grown up world; to let the dam break and get caught up in the Flow of Life?
To see the beauty all around - even when the world tells you all is dark and grey.  

Limitless Possibilities.
Imagination Run Wild.
Just Because.

Who's with me? 
Last one in is a rotten egg!  ;)

Next Week:  Rebel Without A Cause.   Are you a Rebel, or a by-the-book kinda person?

Let loose your random!

Stacy Uncorked

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